Living the Liminal – Braving the Edge

What if you chose every day to get close to the very thing that frightens you and stirs a wealth of curiosity within you?

Authentically meeting the moments we have been given with courage, instinct, and intuition while allowing a full expression of who we are. That is some radical boldness!

Getting messy, going for what we want, feeling our emotions, trusting our instinct and intuition while being inspired.

Let’s talk. Let’s share our stories. And why not feel fully alive in every liminal experience?

That’s what this podcast is all about and so much more!

Join Kristi Peck as she brings her uninhibited invitation to you in every episode.  She may have you laughing, crying, and certainly opening yourself up to new possibilities.  She will give you the straight-up truth with a flair of divine wisdom.

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    Living the Liminal: Episode 6 – Carol Benn

    Carol Benn is a Transformational Life Coach with A Sacred Odyssey.  Her work with mostly women includes coaching, healing and leading Sacred Circles. She has had many experiences of the divine that have led her to where she is at today and helping