Living the Liminal: Episode 83 – Running from Conflict

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Braving the edge is my way of sharing stories that open us to the greater potential that resides in all of us. I have come to know the more I witness my own courage and strength, the braver I am to witnessing that very same power in another. Change is a beautiful energy.

I am a storyteller. My kids even laugh at how creative I can be in my storytelling. I invite you to own your life story and use it to expand your vision so that your life is aligned with what you really want in your heart. Truth has always been my vision and every time I live my truth…the world expands and I rise to meet it. I want that for you.

I wish for you…the world!


  • Estrangement and understanding what it really means.
  • How Imprints are created.
  • Conflict is here to show you what’s missing so you can find connection and get closer to who you really are.
  • Creative opportunities – understanding there is more than one result of our actions.
  • How to create a truer partnership with yourself.



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