Living the Liminal: Episode 87 – Curiosity, Imagination and the Nature of the Soul – to Dream (Part 1).

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Scott Neumeister, PhD, is literary scholar, author, TEDx speaker, and mythic pathfinder from Tampa, Florida, where he earned his doctorate in English from the University of South Florida in 2018. His specialization in multiethnic American literature and mythology comes after careers as an information technology systems engineer and a teacher of English and mythology at the middle school and college levels. He is coauthor of Let Love Lead: On a Course to Freedom with Gary L. Lemons and Susie Hoeller, as well as a facilitator for the Joseph Campbell Foundation’s Myth and Meaning book club at Literati.

As a traveler and explorer seeking insight, guidance, and wisdom from stories of all kinds, he has merged his lifelong personal and academic pursuits of literary studies, depth psychology, spirituality, and personal empowerment to understand the “texts of life,” the personal narratives that both makes us individuals and connect us all.

The greatest wisdom he has received is the understanding of how our inner world creates our outer world. The work of healing/changing the world starts as an inside job. Wayne Dyer once said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” With the proper “technology” and guidance, we can effect an inner transformation that doesn’t wait for/rely on all the causes and conditions of life to make US happy.


  • The call to creativity is always present because we’re doing it every night in our dreams.
  • Crossing the threshold – where you get to reorganize your patterns and thoughts.
  • Campbell’s Hero’s Journey – The Belly of the Whale. Understanding the moment of being stuck.
  • Facing and experiencing your biggest fear, and the process of the resolution of that fear.
  • Sitting in duality.
  • How myths and storytelling help us to understand our own archetypes.
  • The symbol of the crossroads.
  • The stuckness of the liminal space. What has to shift in your mind?
  • Defining persona, archetype and shadow work.










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