Living the Liminal: Episode 82 – Kim Garner – How our homes are reflections of our subconscious selves.

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Pioneering the field of NeuroSpatial Linguistics, Kimberly Garner highlights focus points in the duality of interior design; the human experience within the inner environment of the mind & the interior environment of the home. An alchemy occurs when the interior environment of home and the internal environment of the mind are addressed in unison with our desires. What unfolds is transformational.

Her mission is to help people accelerate their version of an ideal life by tuning the interior space of their home and subconscious mind with their intentions. Epigenetics and neuroplasticity play a large role in her method and precisely why it’s so effective. We are truly products of our environment and our environment informs so much of our life.

Kimberly’s spent over 25 years studying, researching and practicing the intersection of design, science and the soul. Inspired by the complementary fields of epigenetics, neuroscience, behavioral science, positive psychology, life coaching, human ecology, design and theosophy she created Holistic ID, the School of Holistic Design and the Life+Design Method.


  • Science has finally found a portal into what we’ve known about the “science of the soul.”
  • Evolving beyond the obstacles.
  • How to go room by room through the house and remove toxic clutter – anything that brings up negative emotions, feelings or memories. Visual poison.
  • How our home is like our body. Each room in our home reflects an area in our life. It is all interconnected. Our home offers us a place to focus, have curiosity and be reflective.
  • Making a change in your home – why do I feel like this is outdated? Be curious! Your subconscious intentionally placed things in a certain spot for a reason.
  • Our home is one of the most beautiful relationships in our lives.
  • Changing intentions for spaces and re-creation.









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