Living the Liminal: Episode 85 – Permission to be Creative

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Lexa Hillyer is a creativity and life coach, writer, editorial consultant, and entrepreneur who created a seven-figure boutique book and entertainment business over twelve years ago, after nearly a decade working in traditional publishing, at HarperCollins and Penguin Books. She received an MFA in poetry from Stonecoast at the University of Southern Maine, and became a certified Jungian Life Coach through ICF-accredited CreativeMinds. She has published four novels with HarperCollins, and one prize-winning poetry collection. She is also a mother, human, sister, daughter, wife, friend, three-time wedding officiant, wine lover and failed ukuleleist.

Everyone is creative. After two decades writing, creating and editing fiction, she became an expert in dissecting a book and putting it back together, reframing and restructuring in order to reveal a sense of growth, meaning, impact, even catharsis. In many ways this of course mirrors what we do in order to bring about growth, discovery, release, and change in our lived experience. Lexa began to see how often it’s our life stories that are in need of revision. Literally: re – vision; looking at it all in a new, fresh light. Moving from this space of renewal and curiosity, she began to expand her work outside of the entertainment business, and noticing the ways that coaching clients’ perspectives were able to shift, with a little dose of creative inspiration.


  • Defining Creative Expression.
  • The initial spark – discovering that you’re creating the life you’re making, it’s not just happening to you.
  • Permission to be creative, play and surrender.
  • Creativity is like an adventure, a vacation. You never really know what you’re going to experience or what memories you will come home with.
  • Does it really light you up?
  • Paying attention to what brings you joy.
  • Creativity is the opposite of automaticity.





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