Reclaim the relationship with yourself

Evolve past your decision to estrange, the conditioning, and the dysfunction of a family system anchored to generational trauma.
I made the choice to estrange from my family of origin in 2020, so I get the shame, the guilt, the worry, the doubts, and the inner conflicts that begin to tangle you in a knot.
You are worthy of so much more!

I believe:
  • You deserve to live fully alive.
  • Growth activates your life.
  • Resistance is a powerful opportunity.
  • Leaning in is liberating.

I provide a safe and sacred space for you to meet your truth.Together, we can untangle conditioning, outdated influences and the attachment to anything less than your true potential.


So many of my clients ask me how. How do I let go? How do I shift my perception? How do I choose differently?
What if you had a road map to guide you every day to live bigger, live bolder, and live brighter?
This e-book is a guidance system including tools for daily practice to help you learn the art of surrender. We often do not recognize our own calling as it comes to us in our everyday interactions. Our relationships offer us the gift of our true self.
As we learn to put down our defenses, we can create partnerships with infinite harmony. Joy, peace, and fun are your birthright.


Self-mothering is a way of nurturing your whole self by giving nourishment to all parts of who you are. This course is NOT a list of items to go do. This self-paced course is a methodology to create a routine deeply imprinted with nostalgia and heart-centered adventures. We long for a fullness so that we have the entirety of what we are asked to give to others.
This individual 30-day digital course will come to you daily. Each day, you will receive wisdom and inspiration to look into your own heart and your life patterns while you learn to connect deeply with yourself.
Are you ready to take care of you in the way in which you are deserving and worthy?

Value: $29.00