Finding resolve in the ordinary

I have opened many soda bottles in my time so I know the sensation as you unleash the top and the eruption of the fizz meets you in a tiny explosion.  We’ve even created a celebration around opening the bottle of champagne in much the same way as a ritual in honor of a momentous occasion. 


In the movie The Wedding Planner with Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Lopez, there is a scene of pure awareness.
Steve (played by McConaughey) and Fran (his soon-to-be wife) are in the park minutes before they walk down the aisle to become man and wife.

Meet the moment

My daughter crashed the car.

I heard her voice come through as shaky, weary and distraught. She said, “I hit a car and I need you to come.”

I do not even remember if I replied like my heart was feeling or not. Our bodies have a way of safeguarding us from any experience that requires us to be protected, secure and safe.

Doorways and Openings

Two years ago my husband came to me with a request. He asked, “You know my dad has to move out of assisted living. I don’t think it is best for him to go into memory care given his personality and behaviors. It just won’t be a good fit. What do you think about him coming to live with us?”