Finding resolve in the ordinary

I have opened many soda bottles in my time so I know the sensation as you unleash the top and the eruption of the fizz meets you in a tiny explosion.  We’ve even created a celebration around opening the bottle of champagne in much the same way as a ritual in honor of a momentous occasion. 

The tiny burst of an explosion happened the other day for me, only it wasn’t a soda bottle I was opening. It was a frequency that began with anger and frustration. 

Within a week’s time, I received a couple of text messages that did not resonate with me.  I also received an email from someone that I no longer have contact with as means of a more healthy relationship with myself.  So, you see, I had quite the explosion within my body. 

The swirling sensation seemed to be like a tornado of emotions ranging from anger, rage, and even some sadness. And, a whole bunch of frustration at other people and myself.

One of the techniques I believe that has great and empowering results is a somatic exercise that can help our bodies release the wisdom it holds. Since energy moves all the time, this exercise helps to move the energy through as it also releases the knowing that resides within your heart and soul. We can find resolution in ordinary acts.

Somatic exercises are great ways to tune in to the body for wisdom instead of activating the mind which can orchestrate more drama and chaos. Any form of rhythmic activity for the body can intentionally produce higher wisdom.  

Solvitur Ambulando is a somatic technique.  The phrase itself means – It is solved by walking.

Like me the other day, many of my clients can get blocked in their minds and find it a challenge to release the wisdom of their higher self. So, I often share this technique as a way for them to create the energetic rhythmic movement that always produces the desired wisdom, insight, or resolution sought out by a triggered interaction or situation. 

The other day as I found myself in such a state of mind, I chose to solve by walking. 

As I stepped foot on the path I was taking for the walk, I established an intentional question that began with the desire for love to show me what I needed to learn from these events and ended with my willingness to allow the forgetting to be resolved. Often when we are triggered by another person, relationship, experience, it is because we have forgotten who we are and what we are. It is in the not remembering that we find our way to the connection with the part of us that knows who we are and what we are. 

My walk began…

My mind focused – What am I to learn from this?

I Walked.

Yelled. Cussed. Cried. Anger. Frustration. Spoke. Questioned. Screamed. 

I Walked. 

I Walked. 

I Walked. 

About 30 minutes into the walk following the rage of anger that flowed out, I hear very clearly…

Why don’t you believe in your love?

I Walked. 

Mad. Anger. Tears. Uncertainty. Confused. 

I Walked. 

I Walked. 

I hear again…

Can you accept the love you are worthy of? Believe you are worthy of the love you are. 

I Walked. 

Something shifted. I Soften. A let go. 

I Walked. 

Another shift. More Soften. A release. 

I Walked. 

More softening. Can feel the body relax. This is surrender. 

I hear again…

You do not need to defend your kind of love. 

I keep walking. 

I can feel energy around my heart and this makes me connect to my heart-opening. I soften some more. I feel lighter. I almost feel like I am in the center of my body and all snuggly. 

I keep walking.

Instantly, at this point, a big surge of energy begins to bring awareness to a rise of gratitude to the surface. 

Something feels different. This is a very light feeling in my body.

A strength surges within. A quiet bravery flows. Even my head feels lighter.

Deep breath in. I use this as an invitation to take in this moment.

I pause to connect to this expanded awareness for all things I appreciate. 

I slowly exhale as I notice my surroundings. I am walking very rhythmically and sensing the brightness of everything around me.

I hear…

You are home now. 

I stop walking for a moment.

I am somehow not the same person who engaged in the walk filled with rage and anger. This moment feels changed.

This is howa somatic experience can engage the higher self to release resolution from the body. As I walked back home, there was no more defending and no need to play a role in protection to some aspect of me that feared it needed protection. 

We spend much of our lives in our minds. We were taught at a young age to think before acting.  Our earlier schooling was solely based on thinking our way to graduation by memorizing, analyzing, and thoughtfully identifying rhetoric to support philosophy. It makes sense, that when experiences engage us we habitually go to what has worked in the past. 

Our human evolution was never meant to be only reliant on one aspect of our multidimensional being. We were meant to utilize the body for its wisdom and healing modalities. We were meant to become the heart-centered spirits with a deep connection to that which we cannot see and trust in its orchestration of the best for us.

Somewhere along the way, we stopped living in accordance to a natural way and adopted artificial intelligence.  We disregarded consciousness and bypassed the very essence of how infinite and wise our own being really is. 

We have become numb to life and the beauty of this wild way.

We defend what we know is true. And we spend more time defending what we know is true by projecting back to those who trigger us that we lose ourselves in the process. We are trapped in endless cycles of fear of our own selves. 

We are not really afraid of others. We are more afraid of the infinitely wise and intelligent genius that resides within our own bodies. 

Bringing awareness to our deep desire for a conscious or awake life will enable us to orchestrate a vibrational frequency with the honor and dignity that each of us deserves and is worthy of. 

Beyond walking to find out, I believe there is a 3-phase process to waking up.

Phase 1 – intention

Consciousness comes when you know what you want. Intention is the thoughtful way you choose your desire that only involves the infinite you.  If your desire involves someone else, keep digging because it is an artificial desire taken from the noise of your environment. This means it is a wanting that you think you should want or that would look good to those around you.  Create an intention of a desire that only involves you. 

See the difference between I want to be successful in my work as compared to I want freedom. Being successful will rely on others in your field to make that happen. No one is successful all by themselves. Having freedom is a feeling that you have all that matters. One is governed by the mind making decisions and the other is a choice of the heart to feel boldly.

Phase 2 – incubation

Upon awakening, there must be a doing. Incubation involves the action of non-action. The very act you believe you must do in order for the desire to happen does not occur during the incubatory phase. Our outward perception is manifested by what we believe and think about. So, we are always in motion and the majority of that motion is spent moving in a way that we believe will bring about our desire. The action of non-action involves allowing the act to present itself. Incubation includes making way for the next right action to have the space to flourish. The belief in the non-action communicates, “I place this in the hands of the highest influence and so it is.” There is no grasping, searching, or making something happen. There is deep and wise knowing.

The actions involved with non-action are once again self-imposed care mechanisms. Taking care of the self and the environment so that a way is consciously created for the desire to appear. 

Clean out – beauty up is a powerful non-action. 

Clean out anything that feels heavy and anchored. This might be your email system, file folders, boxes, closets, lockers, etc. Get rid of what brings ‘weight’ to your life.  This might even be relationships that bring about a sensation of strong-hold. 

Beauty up is how we decorate our life with only those items that bring joy, smiles, laughter and a pure good feeling. Contrast the difference between the feeling of a weighted anchor to this exuberant one of light-heartedness.  One is constricted and the other is expanded.

The non-action of clean out – beauty up makes way for the desire to enter your life.

Phase 3 – inspiration

There is more to life than what you see. As you awaken, you will begin to notice and feel a collective energy. This collective consciousness enables you to shift perceptions and organize a new way for each endeavor that passes. Inspiration is a collective energy that includes a deep connection to what is and an expanded awareness to the endless possibilities. It incorporates the energies of spirits, angels, and loved ones, as well as your higher self.  Some may even think of the higher self as the heart and soul of who we are. 

Inspiration involves choosing movements that are deliberate to the manifestation of your intentional desire. And you resolve to move in this way because these experiences were brought to you by divine synchronicity. Have you often heard others speak these claims in retrospect to an event? 

I was in the right place at the right time.” 

“I received this call out of nowhere.”

“I mentioned to my friend that I was looking for…..and within a few days I was in the office for a meeting with….”

You get the point I am making, right?

As we live from a place of inspiration, we elevate our desire to the alignment for what is best. This is a very different frequency from what I want and what I need.

Awakening to a consciousness that involves intention, incubation, and inspiration is the only way to integrate who you are with what you are so that you can serve a higher resolution and way of living life. As this becomes your way of life, you will continually be able to find resolve in the ordinary.

If you are looking for coaching in the area of emotional agency so you can connect to your truth and have clarity with regards to your life choices, book a clarity call.  Together we can explore what might be a way for you to have what you want. Once you get clear about what you want, it will lead you to who you are. And, my friend, you are worthy of peace, joy and freedom to have a life beyond your wildest dreams.

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