Go Further

Transformation is a journey.  I have come to also believe it is work and it is a vision.  Let me explain.

The other day I was in my yoga class, on the mat, and twisted in a position that felt good. I was breathing and my attention was definitely in a zone of Zen. My yoga teacher slowly bent down and whispered in my ear, “May I adjust you?”

Of course, I agreed. Holy wow!  She gently guided me deeper and farther into the position than I even realized I was capable of being.

As I lay there in the very deep place and welcomed the moment of intensity, I realized that going further is a requirement for transformation.  It is work to allow the change that results in deeper knowing and twisting through the knots – not good enough, not worthy, not lovable, not seen, not of value, not trusting, not safe.

As my yoga teacher guided me to the depth of what I was capable of, it occurred to me a vision is a needed commodity for transformation. Early on, in my own journey, I promised myself I would do what it took to feel better and feel the value of a well-lived life. This vision has served me well and helped at that moment when she was twisting me further where a bit of discomfort was felt.

Carl Jung said, “There is no transformation without emotion.”

I see lots of people in the personal development space avoiding the growth potential by evading their own emotional strength.

We are never emotionally weak.

 We unconsciously decide to remain distant from our own emotional responsibility.

Emotional agency is a simple act of noticing the signal within the body that something within has spoken.   It means you have become aware that your inner viability is not in alignment with outer circumstances.  The emotion we attach to the sensation in the body comes from the wisdom that has produced the nudge. The wisdom that upholds the emotion forms the pathway to consciousness. 

“Making the unconscious, conscious”, as Jung believed, is how we serve our growth and potential as a species.

The great possibility that inevitably forges you forward is only made possible when you choose to go farther.  Another way to interpret going farther is don’t stop.  Keep going.

If you are feeling something, feel it more.

If you are noticing something, notice it more.

If you are experiencing something, experience it more.

Keep going with whatever comes through as it will lead you to know yourself so well that when challenges arise, you have the strength, bravery, courage, vulnerability, and wisdom to forge ahead.  This is how transformation serves you wholeheartedly.

Years ago, I was in a spiritual group that met weekly to work on our mediumship skills. The group was very diverse. I believed we were different in how we channeled our intuition and how we brought that skill to the world, yet similar in how we viewed the essentials of caring for one another. I learned a valuable lesson from these women.

You cannot transform and care for another until you fully know how to care for yourself.

And you fully care for yourself when you can act wholeheartedly in strength, bravery, courage, vulnerability, and wisdom.

We had been meeting for a book club and I was sharing my thoughts reflecting back to when I judged one of the group members and realized it was my issue with judgment. I spoke, “You used to drive me crazy. Once I got to know you, I realized that that was wrong. And now I do not feel that way about you.”

When I spoke these words, I felt so free to be able to express my own growth and responsibility to own my judgment and how unfair it was.  I also thought the group was safe to speak this openly. As it turned out, I did not feel safe speaking this honestly because what happened next hurt and spiraled me into a drudgery coma.

A few days following that book club, I received an email from the lady I had shared about that she no longer felt safe having me in the group at her house. I had been kicked out. That feeling sucked.

An interesting thing happened.  A few minutes after I received the email, another member of the group (who knew nothing about the email), sent me a text that read, “I’m sitting here with my daughter watching a movie and there was a phrase in the movie – you are stronger than you think.  I am getting a big feeling you need to hear this.”


You get this synchronicity…right?

An emotional sensation had been nudging me for months that I did not want to listen to because I wanted this group and the work of mediumship.

When you are not in alignment, the universe orchestrates opportunities for you to be in alignment as you are meant to live fully in your truth and as your true self. The universe helps to make the unconscious, conscious.

We are conscious beings.  We are meant to feel all kinds of feelings and emotions. We are meant to communicate or express our knowledge about emotions and why we feel them, which means we have the ability to talk and listen.  The true self knows how to do these beautiful forms of relating.

It is only the limitation of the ego and the story of the ego narrative that keeps us from talking and listening.

  • Transformation is a journey – you need the experiences and the situation to move through so that you become conscious.
  • Transformation is work – there will be heavy lifting to feel the emotions that have been denied or rejected.
  • Transformation requires a vision – you get to create and decide whom you want to be, and how you want to live that purpose.

You are either conscious or unconscious.  The liminal space of waking up and shapeshifting into the other is the magic of your own divinity. Thought-provoking. Alchemizing. Undeniably abundant.

Go farther. The world awaits.

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