The truth of transformation

It’s quiet this morning as I sit with my coffee and my thoughts, my emotions, and my sense of being. This form of contemplation has become my sacred sadhana – the daily practice of filling my heart and getting close to my center. I am often wobbly in the world as I have big lofty emotions that surface at a moment’s notice and deep thoughts that stronghold me into aspects of life I do not always understand. Let’s face it…it can feel overwhelming to live in a world always changing, feels like a battlefield I’m trying to get out of, and contains the warmth of a never-ending blanket wrapped around me ever so gently.
So my mornings are quiet and peaceful as I release and receive. And my coffee is my trusted companion.
On this particular morning, maybe because it is a new moon today and those days always bring me such big revelations, I am feeling my body a bit confused as I discern my own transformation. Here’s what I know…

Transformation is messy, not linear, and invites rather intensely the necessary changes. Any form of creating is like this. Painters have paint all over them and their paints and brushes are laying on the floor and tables surrounding their masterpieces. Writers have books and sticky notes and infinite papers stacked up all over the space they live in to get the words on the paper. Musicians have created powerful verses for the songs they produce by stringing out over big open spaces of earth or the solitude of an undesirable experience. Even a newborn baby is birthed into a space of uninhibited disorganization as it makes its way into the world of the here and now.
The actual definition of transformation speaks to a dramatic change, a thorough conversion, or a radical alteration.
Think about traveling in your car or van on a vacation. There is a process that unfolds during that travel that gently unwinds you from the everyday happenings that linger in your mind, your thoughts, and even within your body. Because your awareness is focused on the movement of the car and leaping into the future as if you were already at your destination, you are not always bearing witness to the changes that take place. They take place subtly with little awareness. In the process of true transformation where the goal is to shapeshift a relationship or an experience so that it resides with us in harmony, there is no other way than to feel the actual shifting within your mind, your thoughts, your body, and your life.

Carl Jung said, “There can be no transforming darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotion.”

  • *True transformation requires you to truthfully accept all of who you are and everything that has happened in your life. Acceptance asks us to genuinely care for, nurture, nourish and relinquish that which we love and that which we hate.
  • *True transformation includes wrestling with the ego manifestation of the story or inner narrative that we believe is real.
  • *True transformation invites us into a tunnel of dark in order to excavate the hidden individual that has gotten lost or rejected.
  • *True transformation is a form of creation that longs to be expressed.
  • *True transformation welcomes in all people, all experiences, all emotions, and all narratives as opportunities to get close to the edge of our own soul’s potential.

Our willingness to get close to the very aspects of our life that scare us, enrage us, inspire us, and behold us is the only contributing factor to true transformation.

How do you know if you are ready and willing to travel through transformation – true change into your whole self?

  • *You feel nauseous about life’s events around you. They no longer hold that same energy of excitement.
  • *You begin feeling more frustration that any other emotion. There may still be anger and sadness, yet it quickly converts to frustration and not knowing how to proceed.
  • *You sense that your actions are more about hiding and running away. You notice you want to get away from people and situations.
  • *You become aware of the subtle synchronicities that begin to occur around you. Animals, numbers, words, or people keep showing up in what feels random and not really random.
  • *A sensation starts to build up of wanting something different. You may not even understand what you want.

Transformation is a relationship that invites you to enter into the womb of life and rediscover a new way of living, as well as chooses you to willingly and openly ignite a deeper longing.

The invitation is always available for you to choose a new and conscious way of relating to your world.

Are you ready?

Are you willing?

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