Meet the moment

Recently my daughter crashed the car.   I heard her voice come through as shaky, weary, and distraught.  She said, “I hit a car and I need you to come.” I do not even remember

Doorways and Openings

Two years ago my husband came to me with a request.  He asked, "You know my dad has to move out of assisted living.  I don't think it is best for him to go into

Brave New World

I grew up near a Six Flags of America.  When I was younger I had a season pass and would go there regularly to hang out with friends. It was so much fun! One

2020 – Resistance vs Growth

Everyone loves a diamond; diamond rings, diamond earrings, diamond necklaces, it has become the American way to want and desire the majestic royalty associated with such possession. Diamonds did not begin all bright, shiny

Are you ready?

How does love feel to you? I have always thought that love was hugging on tightly not wanting to let go, consumed with thinking about and not wanting to move away from that thinking

Your throne awaits

My twins came into our life at 38 weeks.  For a mom close to 40 years old and having it be a 3rd pregnancy, that was a pretty big deal in the twin world.

Are you AWAKE?

“Why are you paying attention to THAT?”  I asked him. “I don’t know.” He replied. I asked again, “Why are YOU playing attention to THAT?” This was the conversation banter the other morning in