Your throne awaits

My twins came into our life at 38 weeks.  For a mom close to 40 years old and having it be a 3rd pregnancy, that was a pretty big deal in the twin world.

Are you AWAKE?

“Why are you paying attention to THAT?”  I asked him. “I don’t know.” He replied. I asked again, “Why are YOU playing attention to THAT?” This was the conversation banter the other morning in

Try this one way to live well

blah….blah…..blah…..blah…… I noticed EVERYTHING wrong!  I was on a train riding down the BooHoo track.  Been on that one lately?  We all do it….. You know - The faucet leaked. The kids left clothes

Mom, RSVP please!

I walked off the plane so excited to be home.  I had been to Florida with a friend of our family and it was a fun experience.  As a 19-year-old, all I wanted was