Are you AWAKE?

“Why are you paying attention to THAT?”  I asked him. “I don’t know.” He replied. I asked again, “Why are YOU playing attention to THAT?” This was the conversation banter the other morning in

Where is the love?

If you’ve followed me for any time at all, you know that hearts have been showing up for me for many, many years. They have been my anchor to what is important and my

Closed for Maintenance

What does it mean for you… closed for maintenance? I have to admit, sometimes I am kind of annoyed when I see those few words. Places that I frequent quite often like the gym, the

Seeing is believing! Right?

WOWZA!!  Do you need a boost of wisdom on this Wednesday that includes more belief, more synchronicity, and more real love?  Well...I have that story for you!! A Course in Miracles states that a

Feel your way

Spring cleaning (actually life cleaning is more like it) has arrived in my house. Once again, I have been cleaning out closets, drawers, boxes of old memorabilia, etc, looking for something.  I have thrown

Take LOVE with you

Back in the day when I worked in the school system, I mentored educators on a variety of topics and themes related to teaching and learning. One of my favorite things to do was