The road less traveled

Two roads diverged in the woods, and I took the one less traveled by and it has made all the difference.  Robert Frost

This day is the eve of 2020 and I am missing some puzzle pieces.

Do you ever feel that way?

Like you are sitting in front of a gigantic puzzle and you are clearly making headway toward the finish line and then BAM…you can’t seem to find the missing one for the section you are working on.

I believe that is what 2020 has been like for us.  The theme has been…keep getting up and keep showing up.

These are scary actions and beliefs for us humans.

In the movie, The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy was told to click her heels 3 times and say those words, “There is no place like home.” Was she making a wish or was she speaking truth into her existence?

These are the constant raging dilemmas of the human being.

Making wishes is a concept that was derived from a few different origins.  One being that the Greeks believed when a person blew the candles out on a birthday cake (birthday being significant of an ending and a beginning), the smoke carried a prayer like energy to the spirits, angels and all those loved ones who had died. Others dated back to the Romans using the chicken bone (the clavicle bone) as a symbol of power to make a thought or desire come true.  Romans shared with the Brits and it is believed that the English Pilgrims brought it to America.

Many more special moments exist like these.  We have wishing wells, wishing practices for manifesting our dreams, and I am certain there are many more.

Making wishes has always been such a fireworks kind of experience.  It draws the lust and magic of excitement and the mystery of the unknown.  It also carries hope and requires that we, the human, fully have faith and trust in that desire.

What if our making wishes isn’t aligned to our soul’s divinity?

In the traditional sense, making wishes is a procedure that takes place largely outside of who you are.  Most of the time our wishes are for the things we really cannot control – wish for a new car, a new job, a partner, that necklace, for more income.  AND we wish for these illustrious items in a way that asks the power outside of us to just bring us these cool things on a silver platter.

Your aligned essence is much more powerful than you even know. 

Your soul’s divinity can be said to be “written in the stars.”  This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do the work to make your life flow, or that you can just sit idly by and wait for it to be brought to you.

Your heart and soul knows what is best for you.  And no amount of wishing upon a star will align those stars to bring it to you.

What we must do is align with our divinity… to our soul’s purpose…and meet our specialness in our heart.  Your divinity lies in your heart for that is where we meet God, our angels, our spirit guides, our loved ones, and any other higher power you believe in.  We meet them in our hearts so that our souls can collaborate with these extraordinary energies and guide our way home.

Home is within your heart.  It is where you feel the safety of pure love and peace and joy and freedom.

So, how do you get back home when you have been feeling lost?

Take the road less traveled.

In our life here on earth, it is so easy to get caught up in the lies of the mainstream, the appearance of evidence projected by the fear mongrels, and the hustle and bustle of busy distraction from the truth.

The truth…your truth…already exists within you.  It has been there all along.  Your conditioning and training as a human being have gotten you lost, and wayward.

We find ourselves feeling lost when we give power to those people around us that feed us with lies that we are not good enough and unworthy of abundance and true love.  We find ourselves feeling lost when we allow our being to swirl in unison with others around us who are gossipy, complaining, lack self-confidence and disrespectful. We find ourselves feeling lost as we believe the dark parts of who we represent all of who we are.

Did you know that pure white light actually represents all the colors of the rainbow projected outward using electromagnetic vibration?

This means that YOU are an illumination of ALL of who you are…your power perfect aspects of love, peace, compassion, courage, bravery, positivity…AS WELL AS…the less than admirable aspects like fear, anger, worry, doubt, resentment, judgment, and self-loathing.

YOU are an illumination of pure light!

And that light exists within you.  It has always been there.

Maybe you haven’t clicked your heels 3 times meaning you are not aligning your actions to your heart and soul.  Maybe you haven’t believed in those words, “There is no place like home.” Because you have been searching for truth outside of you.  Maybe you needed to walk through the dark experiences in order to claim your light so it can guide you home.

There is no one size fits all, just as there is no one reason fits all for why and how we feel lost at times.  As we can all agree, 2020 has brought us some dark moments and it has also brought us the mirrored vision of who we are.

So, how do you get back home when you have been feeling lost?
Take the road less traveled.

Your aligned essence is your soul’s divinity.

And there is only ONE way to get there.

You get silent and you listen.

I know we are not monks living in quiet solitude.

Getting silent in your every day means you bring silence to that inner voice that tells you lies and creates deception around your truth.  Throughout your day, where can you bring more quiet into your lifestyle?

Can you drive to work with no music and no talking?  Can you eat breakfast or lunch in silence?  Can you take a walk or a brief stroll during lunchtime with no headphones on?  Can you practice sitting still for small moments?

Here’s a big one…when your fears arrive in your mind (because they will from time to time), can you stop what you are doing, list out what thoughts seem to be invading your peace, and dismiss the lies.  Seize with truth!

It is a practice, and a constant practice, to seize your truth.  You have to make more confirming deposits (what we call affirmations) to knock out the lies that come your way.  Make it your daily practice to tell yourself the truth.  Tell yourself how cool and amazing you are!  Tell yourself how brave you are! Tell yourself how proud you are of what you have done and the human being you are!

I call this mothering.  Mother yourself back home…to your aligned essence and your soul’s divinity.

Only when we are silent can we listen to our life…and see, and hear, and look for, and witness, and be guided by the mysterious and magical power of the unknown.

2020 has brought to us so many uncharted experiences, curveballs, and blindsided blunders.  Align 2021 with your truth and take the road less traveled.

Make silent and listen to your theme for allowing the abundance of who you are to take you to places and experiences found only in your wildest dreams.

As you blow out candles this year, or through a coin in a wishing well, or find a clavicle bone in a turkey or chicken…wish for your soul’s divinity as your aligned essence!

That’s a wish worth wishing for!

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