Living the Liminal: Episode 66 – Wendy Hargett

It’s time to wake up, take stock of your life. Identify what’s not really working for you. Ask yourself what’s making you unhappy? What are you tired of tolerating? Then do something about it. There are options out there. Wendy used to feel stuck and that nothing would get better. That’s a misconception that too many people are stuck in.
Wendy Lee Bald win Hargett is the Joyful living mentor, success coach and holistic healer for the new era of spiritually awakening souls. She helps them release their emotional baggage so that they can have the happy, peaceful, fulfilling life they deserve. 

Wendy is a best-selling author of Healing Your Soul In A Chaotic World: Defying the Odds of Sanity and Survival as well as contributing author of the #1 International best-selling book, Empowered Self-Care: Healing Body, Mind and Soul for a Better World. She nearly destroyed her life with self-abuse, anxiety and depression. Through the miracle of divine intervention, she stopped the madness and transformed her life. Now she is a beacon of hope for others silently crying out for help and yearning to know that they matter.


  • The scary process of letting go of beliefs.
  • The concepts of spirit, soul and awakening.
  • Cracking open your shell to flourish and grow/escaping your safe walls.
  • Getting out of the rinse and repeat cycle.
  • How emotions and our environment get our bodies out of whack and getting ourselves back to that state of joy.

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