Living the Liminal: Episode 58 – Melissa Lyons

Melissa Lyons is an international best-selling author, speaker and intuitive life coach who helps people learn to calm the busy and often overwhelmed thoughts that race through their minds. She leads people to connect with qualities that are aligned with a life purpose that transcends titles and responsibilities. Her work is pioneering and is essential for anyone who finds themselves living someone else’s dream or unable to identify dreams and hopes of their own. She is passionate about helping women discover their passions and resolve the inner conflict between who they are truly meant to be and who they think should be.

Melissa’s heartwarming and profound books, I Will Always Love You and Until We Meet Again, are about finding hope and love when faced with grief, loss and heartache. They have helped thousands embrace fresh perspectives during life’s most challenging events.


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  • Are you ever going to be happy?
  • The energy of escape and seeking happiness.
  • The cycle and intensity of our own evolution.
  • Defining your own resistance behind fear and growth.
  • Understanding awareness and being in the now.

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