Living the Liminal: Episode 59 – Pam Muller

Pam Muller is a certified spiritual director and dream expert with more than 15 years of experience helping people understand the language of their own dreaming mind. She is a passionate advocate for helping highly sensitive individuals use nighttime dreams as an authentic navigational tool.
As a spiritual director who specializes in dreams, she will journey with people into their interior landscape and together parse out what is for them and what is not serving them. She is also the co-host of our upcoming SOUL FIRE Retreat in Carefree, Arizona in September 2022.


  • Understanding good girl behavior and why we need to look beyond.
  • Noticing the lesson our soul is to learn so we don’t make it harder on ourselves.
  • Seeing the light in our collective conscious awareness as a society
  • How dreams are mirrors of our lives from the perspective of our unconscious.

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