Living the Liminal: Episode 57 – Dr. Lynyetta Willis

Dr. Lynyetta Willis experienced cross generational pain as a child and now helps others to dive deep into their own lives to help heal. After losing her grandfather, her dad role, to Alzheimer’s when she was 10 years old and her father leaving after a painful divorce, she felt abandoned by the two most important male figures in her life. This encouraged her to pursue a career as a psychologist and family empowerment coach for smart, successful women and their families. She uses a spiritual approach, including extensive training in Spiritual Education and Metaphysics that lead her to create two models in her practice: The Elemental Living Model for Parenting and Personal Leadership (ELM), and the Spiritual P.A.T.H. Framework for Relationships. She also wrote an multi-award-winning spiritual children’s book, My Forgotten Self: A Story about a Girl, an Encounter, and Universal Message.


  • Generational influence.
  • The 5 steps that contribute to the growth and evolution of an individual, and subsequently their families and their relationships.
  • Stable misery.
  • Dramas and traumas.
  • Triggered to Transformed – finding the right way to parent for you.

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