Living the Liminal: Episode 56 – The F Word

Kristi Peck is an intuitive life coach, a spiritual mentor, a creative girl and author of Coming Home: A Love Story (available on Amazon). In her episodes, she will chat about living the liminal in PEACE, JOY and FREEDOM. She openly shares her lived experiences so that you can witness your life experiences and be a learner as well.

As an empath and mystic, Kristi has learned to leverage her natural abilities and intuitive wisdom to help people discover their truth and a sense of belonging so that they can be fully expressive and abundant in a conscious way.

For over 30 years, Kristi has been a resource for others to awaken and develop their masterful gifts. As a teacher, coach, speaker and writer, Kristi loves sharing stories that captivate and inspire people to take adventurous leaps of faith. Her own vulnerability helps others feel safe in her presence and be fully seen and heard while courageously choosing new ways of living life.


  • The conscious mind, the unconscious mind and the ego.
  • Facing the truth of who we are and how we make choices.
  • Engaging emotions and giving them a voice.
  • Peace, Joy and Freedom are available once we relinquish the story-telling of our ego.




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