Chills are electrifying and I got published

I got chills…they’re multiplying…and I’m losing control…oh…the power…it’s electrifying!

Can you hear it now?

These are the lyrics to the song by Olivia Newton-John (character Sandy) as she is singing to John Travolta (character Danny).  It is a true story of transformation.  And one of my favorite shows to watch.

 Have you seen it? The show Grease that is.

Sandy is a shy, good girl who meets Danny while on vacation.  He returns to school for the fall and Sandy moves to a new school in the fall.  As synchronicity would have it, they find each other. Danny is stunned as he has a much different persona than he showed Sandy over the summer. Sandy is shocked because who she thought she knew is not the Danny she sees.

 Yet, there is a desire and an attraction magnetized between the two of them.

 Each one decides to “change” for the other.

 Don’t hear me wrong…I am not advocating for us to EVER “change” for another.  What I love about this transformative story is that the truth to their unfolding and discovery is that each just became aware of the aspect of their self that had been hidden for too long.

 Danny had a longing to be athletic and true to his academic intelligence. Sandy had a wildness and adventurous side to her good girl image. Both opened to the wholeness of who they are. AND that is why I LOVE this show so much and absolutely LOVE the lyrics above.

Transformation is about gaining a power that seems like one is losing control and yet it is so electrifying and sends chills within our human body.  This is what remembering is all about.  Each time we remember who we are in any moment, there is a power that surges through your body and elevates you stronger…braver…courageous…a true warrior in every way!!

The other day I had such a moment.

I had been getting the nudge to write more and find more places to write and share my writing.

 THIS is the electrifying part!!!!

I have been published on the site Elephant Journal.  I know it is crazy electrifying!!

 AND boy I could really use some lovin’ here…

 Here’s how you can send some love my way:

·      Read the article and use it for your own growth and power surging.

·      Share it with one friend, two friends, or as many friends as you like.

·      Heart it.

·      Share a comment about the article or how you have had a similar experience.  I love hearing your stories and your owning of your power.

I really appreciate the lovin’!

 It really is how we are connected and collectively when you love inward and outward, that love gets sent energetically to others and oh boy!  Our world sure could use some more lovin’ these days.  Don’t you think?

You got chills?  Pay attention to what you are speaking of, or seeing when they came onboard.  There’s a message for you in those bumpty bumps.

Feel like you are losing control? I’d say good for you!  It means you are relying on a power much much bigger than you to walk along side of you and do this life with you!  Keep losing, cause the truth is that you are REALLY gaining!!!

What’s electrifying? What in your life grabs your attention and sends that excitement through you?  Do more of that!!!  So much more of that!!!

Here’s that article for your reading pleasure –

Chills! Losing control! Power!  Yep, it’s electrifying!!!



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