This appeared in my inbox.

What keeps you from your most authentic terrific self? I often was led by a yearning for safety as a mechanism for keeping control. That control led me astray and most of the time, well almost always, took over my true joy for all that I am.

Today in my inbox, I received a message. YOU’VE BEEN PUBLISHED.

Now I have been published before, and yet this time was a different feel. It was more aligned in knowing who I am and the action I took was aligned to that all sense of knowing. It was a gracious and holy interaction. It is like the waltz. If you have ever seen that dance the two gliding around are perfectly orchestrated in unison as they sway from space to space. it was a sacred union of motion. THAT is exactly as it should be between your sense of knowing and the dance between your being and your doing. A perfectly orchestrated union!

In that spirit, the other day I took action from my sense of knowing that my unfolding purpose is to teach and I do so in my writing and storytelling. In the dance, I landed a spot in Healers Magazine.

Gratitude slid in ever so softly with effervescent joy!

Have you ever wondered how to create an inner-sanctuary and surrender to the struggle? Here (HealersMagazine) I give you an awakened way of allowing both to bring freedom and joy woven into a tapestry of love.



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