Seeing is believing! Right?


Do you need a boost of wisdom on this Wednesday that includes more belief, more synchronicity, and more real love?

 Well…I have that story for you!!

A Course in Miracles states that a miracle is a shift in perception.

Sounds simple, right?  If you are like me and find yourself in a bit of a slump at times, a boost is needed to help you believe and trust in that divine power supporting your life.

That miracle you are wanting is right in front of you…in the here and now.

The other day, my second son was graduating. We were all excited about this big day. Well, my older son couldn’t make it to town for the event. He attends college and had finals on Monday.

At first I was bummed and even felt my body tense up, begin the lock down in “I want this!” mode, and heard myself tell a dramatic rendition justifying why he wasn’t at the family event. Oh boy, did I become aware and STOP in my tracks.

The next thing I did was sit with the emotions I was feeling. And it was a mirage of them…frustration, sad, mad, hope, understanding, compassion. I literally let them fall upon me and allowed them to slowly drool down my body and off of my skin. (You get the visual of this right? Cause THIS is how we honor and release our emotions freely!!)

And last, I accepted the entire situation as is. (I know THIS is most challenging as well!!)

Are you ready for how it turned out?

On Saturday, the day of the graduation as we were running around with ironing the gown, getting ready for pictures, and eating a quick bite before we left for the ceremony….

I’m in the kitchen drinking some coffee. A white circle catches my eye! It was on the ground in my kitchen. No idea where it came from!

I turn it over and wowza!!!  My older son’s name!!  He was with us!!


The miracle happened in that moment that I shifted from wanting sooo bad for it to be my way AND accepted another way.

Miracles are available to you EVERYDAY and in EVERYWAY!!

3 ways to see your miracles – 

#1 – Honor your desire.

Trust that your deep want is real. Hug those emotions that surface as a result of having your want or not.

#2 – Choose love.

You always have a choice. Check in and make certain you are choosing love and not a costumed fear. Often our fears are hidden and masked as love.

#3 – Stay in the flow.

The flow of life is effortless.  If you find yourself working overtime on that desire, step back. Find the fun and laughter as part of the desire. AND stay there.  The flow is where all great life moments exhilarate us!


The shift is not that everything around us becomes what we want. The shift is that we trust in our desire and trust the Universe will bring an even better energy surrounding that desire.

Graduation Day was perfect! No, my older son was doing exactly as he should…studying for his finals. Did we miss him? Absolutely! Was he there with us? Absolutely!

If you have a desire and struggle to consciously bring it to life, give me a call (314-825-7480 or As a conscious lifestyle mentor, I can help YOU to see your miracles, shift that perception so that YOU – honor your desire, choose love, and stay in the flow!



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