Fifity Shades of Unconsciousness

When I was little, we would wrestle with blankets and pillows. Our favorite thing to do was squash someone with the pillow or pile all the blankets on top of someone. It was so much fun as a kid.

Thinking about that as an adult, I find it completely suffocating. The thought of being held to a spot where I cannot move seems so not fun!!

I myself cannot even watch shows in which the character is literally chained up and cannot escape. It frightens me to be so held against my own will.

You get it, right? You feel the same, right?

It is a very important aspect of our humanness to want our freedom and freewill is the absolutely one thing no person, company, organization can take away.

The interesting thing about all of us is that we are chained (metaphorically speaking) to something that has us held in a state of non-movement. It might be fear, worry, protection, doubt, insecurity, or competition. It might even be a set of beliefs that have governed our existence for so long and have held us captive in a constant repetition of everything that does not serve us well. It might be apathy that chains us to a not caring mode of living.

Becoming free from the chains of our past can unleash a world unknown, a world far greater than ever imagined, and the exact home to inhabit.

Recently I was binge watching the Fifty Shades film series (no judgment here).  I was curious and intrigued about the exact story line that was beyond the sex. I could not believe it!  It was the very same theme as we are talking about here.

Christian is chained to a fear of being abandoned, of being hurt, of being unlovable, AND in captivity of these fears, he creates a world isolated and secret. His powerful mannerism seeps out in his many business adventures and his giving nature peaks the curiosity of Anna. Anna becomes the impetus of freedom for him.  She slowly unleashes him from the chains of his past – a painful and extremely diminished beginning. Anna, herself, shy and hidden finds air in Christian.

Together they become teacher and student. Together they find love.  Together they open up a whole new world…chainless and free.

Beyond the sex, the Fifty Shades film series is an obscure story about each of us. Many of us cannot get past the sex and the controlling nature of Christian to see our own lives intertwined in their love story. It is there!

We each come into this world as an infant from a place of pureness and complete love. Circumstances, experiences and the people in our environment teach us about the opposite.

It is not always intentional and most often it is clothed in deep affection. And, yet, we develop a belief system and a mindset for the illusion.  We forget about love and choose fear, worry, doubt, and insecurity.  We begin to wrap ourselves in the chains of uncertainty and competition. We unknowingly swap ourselves for another model, and one that can fit in better with our environment.

This act of fitting in with others leads to a non-belonging to our SELF.

Over time, we become unconscious to who we are meant to be.  Unconsciousness becomes a way of life. And unbeknownst to us, our soul knows the truth of who we are and begins to slowly fight for freedom. All the anger, control, and competition is your soul’s way of chipping away at what does not matter and getting your attention for what does matter.

As an unconscious human, you begin to project your vast array of emotions onto others. Subtly at first and picking up speed as the allure of the unknown feels like climbing a mountain.

As parents, we do this often without even knowing it is happening. We totally love our young ones and truly want what is best for them. As partners, we obsess over control of our partner, our schedules, our lifestyle as a means of the continuous chaining process. As humans, we run rapid cycles of systemic projections of beliefs aimed at helping the good of all, yet really, they are just conversions of our chain-linked unconsciousness. ALL of these realities are based in an illusion of love and grounded in fear.


What can you do when you find yourself in fifty shades of unconsciousness?

Find the key

Go on a quest for the exact key that will unlock your chained-up mess. Search in every area of your life. Discern whether the people, the environment and your choices are an exact match for your heart’s desire. Get rid of what does not fit!

Do nothing

Stop moving. Just stop! Slow down. Clear the calendar, the phone, the lists and the thoughts.  Find the white space of your life. There is a flow that will come to you. Try doing absolutely nothing for an hour, a half day, a day, or a week. See what magical moments arise. You cannot notice the beauty if your lens for noticing is clouded with too much nothiness. So…do nothing and find the beauty of life.

Ask for help

It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help.  It is actually a sign of strength to know we cannot live without the help of a higher hand.  Ask –  in prayer…in meditation…in stillness…in nature – for support, for guidance, and for signals to light your way.  Trust what you get and go for it!!

Be all in

Just as there are thousands and millions of ways of seeing anything through our eyes, there are thousands of ways to get to freedom.  And it takes time.  Stay the course. Somedays there might be a small bit of movement and other days it might be huge leaps of motions. Keep saying yes and do the work each and every day.


Now, if you are thinking these sound vague and too good to be true. They are meant to be that exact for you!!

The one and only thing you need to do to begin a life of consciousness and rising up to a new level of living well…is say YES!  That’s it!

By doing this, the Universe will do the rest. It is that simple.

You say YES to fifty shades of being conscious and the higher hand at work in your life will do the rest.

The loudest preacher in the world is your conscience, the cleverest is wisdom, the rowdiest is passion, the surest is truth, the purest is love, and the highest is God.”  -Matshona Dhliwayo

Freedom is love.  Freedom is an all-knowing that a higher way of doing this life is available.  Freedom is happy and joy-filled.

Freedom is yours.

Do you want it?


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