Living the Liminal: Episode 25 – The Great Presence of 2021

Kristi Peck is a teacher of all things spiritual, a highly intuitive healer, a creative girl and author of Coming Home: A Love Story (available on Amazon). In her episodes, she will chat about living life in JOY and FREEDOM. Her stories are sure to captivate your heart and soul as they are authentically her own experience. She is a learner and shares her learning with you.

Her intuitive approach includes mediumship, soul work, and energetic healing that will expand your awareness to live a conscious lifestyle. As a natural-born empath and self-taught healer and intuitive, she learned to use her natural abilities to help others release energetic blocks, surrender painful memories, make conscious choices and cultivate a sacredness with a higher consciousness.

Kristi mentors people using her intuition and divine connection with transformation. They come to her seeking change. She is a writer and a speaker on all topics related to healing, transformation and living in the present moment.


  • The Great Presence of 2021 – a calling for each of us into the best version of who we are in the areas of FAITH, SURRENDER, and SYNCHRONICITIES.
  • Faith is a process of going inward and holding on to your heart to show you the way.
  • 3 aspects of our true essence: old self, now self, and pos



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