Elevate your partnering frequency –

Discover the shadow working unconsciously, so you remember the value of your choices and know you are worthy of your desires.

Return to your body as wise and powerful so you trust it as your inner guidance system.

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Activate your source of strength, security, and spiritual truth,
Learn to be authentic in the union with yourself and others.

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About me

I help adult children remember, restore, and reclaim who they are. You deserve to feel safe and feel courageous about your choices.I am fierce in my compassion to learn, opened my heart to courageous choice-making, and deeply understand the human dynamic. My passion for living life consciously is a game-changer for me and those I work with.

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I get it!

Our most important relationships are with the ones we love. Love doesn’t involve shame, guilt, manipulation, fear, competition, or pain.

How do you want to feel?
What if you could transcend how you feel now for a love that is freedom?

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Why work with me?

I am highly intuitive and use my deep connection to Source as a way to enhance our time together.

I will call out your blind spots in our safe space together. I can go deep with you because I have done my own inner work.

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What they say



The truth of transformation

It’s quiet this morning as I sit with my coffee and my thoughts, my emotions, and my sense of being. This form of contemplation has become my sacred sadhana – the daily practice of filling my heart and getting close to my center. I am often wobbly in the world as I have big lofty emotions that surface...

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Ignite self-passion and true purpose.

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