Everything your heart and soul desires IS within YOU and YOU are a powerful being that can set it on fire!

People who work with Kristi are ready to claim their worthiness and the truth of who they are in EVERY relationship while cultivating a partnership with their dreams. Dreamwork is the inner work to transform your relationships.

Break free of conditional patterns in your unconscious mind so that YOU can trust your emotional agency, your body and your intuitive knowing to live fully alive, feel peace and bliss, and be free in all your relationships.

You are worthy! You have the power to create your desired life! Imagine relationships where You get to live fully YOU in all ways!

Do you want some relationship insight during these times of transition?

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“Coaching with Kristi is like having a team of coaches. She doesn’t use just one modality and process; she incorporates discussion, homework, visualizations, shadow work, and her own amazing intuition. Kristi offers a safe and accepting space to clear blocks and find peace to take the right actions. She has brilliance in her mind, in her heart, and her soul and knows how to help others find theirs! I highly recommend Kristi as a coach for personal, professional, and relationship coaching!”
MARY LYNN, Georgia

Reclaim the power in your relationships. Trust your dreams are messengers to empower your strength, courage, and wisdom for a blissful life.

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“Kristi holds a really powerful space when coaching and transmits an energy and level of understanding that touches you to the core. With only a few sessions with her, I discovered things about myself that I’d been holding onto for years without knowing. Letting go of these things is helping me build my future self and life the way I want and not based on my past experiences or expectations. Coaching with Kristi will definitely get you on the right track to the future you that you want to be. Thanks Kristi.”