Think and feel good about your life.

You are a leader in your purpose and yet you long for more.

Have you had a recurring dream? Do you feel unexplained aches and pains in your body? Are you haunted by guilt and shame? Has your purpose taken a nose-dive?

Your soul has a unique expression that only you can fully illuminate into this world.

There is no one else that can be you.

The language of your dreams, the emotions you hide, and the inner archetypal community you refuse to hear have a wealth of inspiration, insight and helpful hints to guide you in your everyday life experiences and make your purpose more meaningful.

Your programing is worthy of a new expression. You deserve to live happy and fulfilled.

I can help you with aligning your life choices, learning how to think more like your higher self, interpreting your dreams and creatively solve life’s challenges, and shifting your pain into peace.

What people are saying about Kristi Peck

Kristi Peck is an incredible coach—she’s like a shot of Redbull for the soul! She’s warm and inviting and brings such a big, powerful, energetic focus into the session that you leave feeling truly seen and awakened. She introduces spiritual principles into the here and now, helping you to cultivate a sense of faith in yourself and in the unseen forces around you, while also creating space to simply work through the day-to-day troubles and triggers of being human. She has an amazing ability to drill right down to the childhood- or even ancestral- source of your present difficulties, and give you permission to let go of that which is no longer serving you. She will help you believe that transformation is possible, walk you through the challenge of navigating new boundaries, and give you the dose of encouragement you need to do the hard thing, in service of your growth and potential.
- LEXA, New York

"I had the opportunity to be coached by Kristi Peck on a recent recurring dream, and the insight I gained from our session together was priceless. She was able to confidently analyze, interpret, and uncover through her expert Jungian dream interpretation where my life path is leading me to in a way that was supportive for me to clearly understand. Her ability to work with dreams are well worth the investment as is her direct and compassionate communication.”
- K. KAPILLA, New Jersey

“Working with Kristi was such a joy. I was at a point in my life, when I felt I was frozen. I really wanted to move forward on my life path, but something was definitely standing between me and my goals. I just had no idea of what IT was, how It got there, or how I was going to move past IT. Kristi was able to help me identify IT. IT was a deeply seeded fear I had carried with me since my birth. Amazingly, she not only helped me to see how this fear had become embedded in my life, but how I could deal with it and dissolve IT. My life is now filled with so much joy, laughter and love that it is hard to believe I am the same person. Thank you Kristi!!! If I ever find myself lost and confused again, I will be calling on you for your help and intuitive guidance. Forever Grateful,”
- JACKIE, Missouri

"Coaching with Kristi is like having a team of coaches. She doesn’t use just one modality and process; she incorporates discussion, homework, visualizations, shadow work, and her own amazing intuition. Kristi offers a safe and accepting space to clear blocks and find peace to take the right actions. She has brilliance in her mind, in her heart, and her soul and knows how to help others find theirs! I highly recommend Kristi as a coach for personal, professional, and relationship coaching!"
- MARY LYNN, Georgia

“Kristi holds a really powerful space when coaching and transmits an energy and level of understanding that touches you to the core. With only a few sessions with her, I discovered things about myself that I’d been holding onto for years without knowing. Letting go of these things is helping me build my future self and life the way I want and not based on my past experiences or expectations. Coaching with Kristi will definitely get you on the right track to the future you that you want to be. Thanks Kristi.”

“Kristi is able to create an atmosphere of trust by opening herself up and sharing who she is. Her love and compassion puts everyone at ease. Students are eager to come back each week. The love Kristi puts into her work makes her one of the best workshop leaders I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with.”
- CAROL, Texas

"Kristi has a way of getting to the heart of the matter. She guides you through the emotion and gives you permission to feel all of it. She is a safe place to experience your feelings and thoughts. I am mourning the loss of my 20 year marriage and she is helping me find ME again. I have experienced crushing amounts of anxiety. She is teaching me self-awareness, how to listen to my heart, how to ground myself and much more. I can’t count how many times she has asked the PERFECT question that makes all the pieces of the puzzle in my head suddenly fit. She is incredibly gifted and will do amazing things with everyone she meets.”
- LISA, Missouri

"Kristi is an amazing coach. She brings in the breadth of her knowledge beyond Jungian coaching to offer amazing insights and in-depth assessment of my specific situation of concern. I’m impressed that she doesn’t offer a singular response for a problem but investigates what makes the issue specific to me and how it manifests in my life. This yields a very individualized solution integrating psychology, spirituality, and encouragement. Working with Kristi has brought positive changes in my outlook and actions, and I am seeing results in my life. Kristi’s technique and skills can’t be found in a book or a blog. She is a great investment in yourself!"
- AMY, Illinois

"In our ongoing work together, Kristi has helped me to re-establish a daily spiritual practice in which I connect with my higher Self. She has shown me why this essential centering ritual is an anchor point for becoming a disciple of my own truth, rather than looking to the external world for validation. I was looking for depth coaching to help me see what was holding me back from pursuing my dreams, and Kristi was the right choice for me. Given her intuitive ability, she gets to the heart of the matter quickly. Through archetypal work, she has shown me how to connect with parts of myself that have been hidden in my Shadow and that need nurturing. As I evolve my consciousness, I am witnessing myself becoming increasingly more of my True Self. I highly recommend Kristi as a coach if you want to do deep, transformational work. ”
- JENN P., Atlanta, GA

"Kristi is a highly present and intuitive coach. The dream session I had with her was powerful. The insights she gained from my dream helped me to see my shadow (unconscious pattern) in my romantic relationship, and the fear I have around intimacy. Now I can visualize exactly what I want to create in my relationship, instead of unconsciously resisting it."
- JENN, Georgia

“Working with Kristi was an aha moment I would not have seen on my own. During our dream interpretation session she helped me to understand where I was stuck, what I needed to look at, and provided me with simple, actionable, aligned steps to move forward with a clear new perspective. Her intuition, experience, knowledge and compassion provides an opportunity for deeper awareness in a safe, nonjudgmental space. I understand myself more clearly and my circumstances feel less constricting. Allowing me to reorganize my beliefs and take action. This work is empowering and I highly recommend Kristi as a coach. She shares the tools she’s learned and shows you how important this work really is and I’m grateful for the role she is playing in my personal development.”
- CYNDI HACKETT, Sebastopol, CA

“What a wonderful experience! Kristi is professional, kind-hearted and fierce when it comes to healing. She uses her many abilities to connect and help you align with your most authentic self. She somehow manages to create an open shared space that makes you feel safe, while simultaneously encouraging you to push the boundaries of your own limitations. This allows for you to get straight down to “the good stuff” and use your time together in the most effective way possible. If you are ready for a coach to help you achieve real change in your life… look no further! Kristi was able to see through all my confused words, connect with my true feelings and confidently navigate towards my truest self. I have so much gratitude for our work together – I can’t thank you enough!”
- JULIA, Canada

“Wow what an incredible 6 months I've had! Kristi has given me the confidence to interpret my own dreams. I have good dream recall so this guidance feels magical. I've deepened my spiritual practice. I now feel connected, guided, and supported by the universe and my spirit guides. It's become my favorite time of the day rather than a chore! I now recognize the different archetypes that are trying to come through whereas before I would have put it down to ego chatter. This connection has been so profound. I feel confident to call in different archetypes when I need them and recognize when I have too little or too much of one. Kristi gave me the tools to empower myself so I can take control and not feel reliant on her and that the power is inside of me not in the external. I recognize my own limiting patterns and make conscious choices. Through this I have stopped binge eating, I've lost weight, started fitness, and feel good in my body. I now socialize and have fun. The old me was serious and wouldn't allow myself this time. I have had the best financial month ever! I am now financially independent!! This has been on my goal board for years. The emotions that I used to push away through fear are now my strength. I allow and honor all of my emotions. They have so much wisdom in them. What once felt like a weakness is now my power. I'm so excited to start creating! The possibilities are endless. I'm full of love and gratitude for Kristi. She has a gift and my time with her has been life-changing.”

“Kristi is an engaging storyteller and teacher.”
- DOLLY, Missouri

“I worked with Kristi to interpret a dream that has been recurring throughout my adult life. Before our session, I gave her the details of my dream which she followed up with a written document pulling out all the key elements of the dream and what they might mean as well as specific questions to think through before our meeting. When we met for our hour-long session, she began by educating me on the role, meaning, and validity of dreams in our lives. She did a great job calming my inner skeptic by bringing in the science behind dreams, consciousness, and symbolism. We then went through the major elements of my dream together and Kristi intuitively knew when to jump in with clarifying questions and when to sit back and let me work through factors of the elements on my own. This was most impressive to me as it demonstrated she understood my unique learning/information-processing style. We then moved to the integration part, or the part where we work through to "resolve" the dream. She explained that the nature of my recurring dream is an invitation to refine or show me a new way. This resonated well with me as it took the negative power of the dream away and reframed it in a way I was open to understanding and working through. Kristi then asked permission in order to lead me through a meditation to let go of the negative elements and invite what I needed from the dream into my life. She made me feel safe and free to express what was coming up for me and always knew when to let me sit in the experience and when to gently nudge me forward. This left me with a sense of peace and closure. We then discussed tangible, actionable steps/activities I could integrate into my life in order to continue the work my dream was inviting me to do. Kristi followed up with a written summary of our session and the action steps. Throughout the entire process, Kristi demonstrated understanding, nonjudgement, intuitive flexibility and a place of safety. I've never done anything like this before and her process was perfect for a natural skeptic like me! I recommend Kristi's dream interpretation to anyone.”
- BRI M., Missouri