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Lift-Up 21 Days to You being You

My intention is that you will feel empowered to own your life and truly have the joy and fun you were meant to experience as a human living on Earth.

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Soul Mentoring

Helping YOU to unlock your inner VOICE.

I am your trusted companion. I am here for YOU – the parts of YOU that will remember and awaken, along with the lifestyle shifts YOU will create, so YOU can have a life of PEACE, JOY and FUN!


I am an intuitive healer which means I am aligned with my own spirituality and a team of spirit guides, angels, and loved ones. I energetically hold space for YOU as we work together. Together is better, right?

Coming Home: A Love Story

This unfolding of my past led me to the present. The present that brought me home to me. The present moment of a knowing so deeply entrenched in love and admiration for all of me.This is my love story. This is me finding me again. This is me stepping into a sense of belonging; not because I fit in, but because I fit into me.

** The full story of Coming Home: A Love Story by Kristi Peck can be found on Amazon.


The art of making it happen

There is no other human being or spiritual being like you! Your blueprint is your essence. YOU are a masterpiece! A one-of-a-kind rendition of heart, mind, body and soul.

Are you ready to awaken your creative greatness within? Your intuition is your gateway to your best life.

In this two-part ONLINE course you will discover the presence of knowing and trusting that sense of ever-expanding wisdom.

You will learn:

  • How to create space for living well.
  • How to let go while holding on.
  • How to trust your journey.
  • How to deepen your creative intuition in other words…getting what you want.

Join Kristi for this two-part online course, to learn how to deepen your creative intuition and become your own masterpiece.

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