November 16th, 2021 at 7:00 PM CT




Everyone has an inner mother. This is your feminine instinct to feel, to decide, to think, to act, to nurture, and to remember. You were born with this intuitive nature. From birth on, you participated in a schooling where you were taught another way.

Our conditioning has made us forget who we are and our very instinctual strength. This workshop will increase your knowing of the influential aspects for your inner mother. These must be non-negotiable in your everyday. The more you live daily from this very natural part of you, the more your life reveals to you what’s best for you. You will attract your wildest desires and live with more peace, joy and freedom. Your inner mother is your lifeline!

November 16th, 2021 at 7:00 PM CT

Who is this for?

If you have spent much of your life searching for a sure-fired way to know who you are…this is for YOU!

If you have been seeking your sense of self in the roles you play – co-worker, daughter, mother, sibling, neighbor, job, community member…this is for YOU!

If you are curious as to how to heal the mother wound or how to strengthen your role as a mother…this is for YOU!

This is me!

I’ve been a teacher for pretty much all of my life. What started out as imaginative play when I was younger led to a lifetime purpose for helping others learn. I am here to inspire you to own your worth, be a learner in every aspect of your life and have a darn good time living your life.

As a natural born empath along with a bit of self-teaching and some incredible teachers along the way, I learned to leverage my natural abilities and intuitive wisdom to help others release energetic blocks, surrender painful memories, make conscious choices and cultivate a sacredness about life.

We simply cannot know how worthy we are if we are constantly replaying the inner narrative that we are not worthy. We simply will not learn if we are scared and feel unsafe to do so. Life is hard and having fun in the hard times is a taught or conditioned response, not an automatic one. I mentor mostly woman to change that inner narrative.

I know the word healing seems to scare us and that is because it is a necessary path for our own evolution. I provide a safe space for those I serve to do the work and remember the Self as majestic and full of life.

I am a teacher of all things spiritual, a highly intuitive healer, a creative girl and a writer. I am the author of Coming Home – A Love Story (released in May, 2018 and available on Amazon). I am the host of the podcast Living the Liminal: Finding Joy in the Present Moment, where we talk about all topics related to healing, transformation and living in the present moment. I mentor people using my intuition and divine connection with transformation who come seeking change.

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