My daughter crashed the car.

I heard her voice come through as shaky, weary and distraught.  She said, “I hit a car and I need you to come.”

I do not even remember if I replied like my heart was feeling or not.  Our bodies have a way of safeguarding us from any experience that requires us to be protected, secure and safe.

The sympathetic nervous system bypasses all logic and goes full throttle to keep you safe and secure. This is demonstrated when we cannot remember traumas or when we cannot recall details.  A healthy nervous system can be activated into non-action in this way as a response to guard and protect. Animals do this VERY well.

The challenge for us human beings is that sometimes we have encountered so much stress and traumatic moments over and over that our nervous system has created confusion and an entangled mess around an automatic response in the moment to a disconnected or dysregulated response from never being turned off and resting.  We were always meant to have moments of rest, recover and peace following high stress or intensely traumatic experiences. Living in the constancy of entanglement or high stress responses over a long period of time can cause the body to bypass typical neuro-biological needs and maintain a irregulated nervous system.

As we were driving to the crash site, I immediately receive the words  – What are you crashing into?


This curiosity came in rather suddenly and I knew it was meant for all of us.  We all had something to learn from this crash.

In our external world, everything has meaning for us as we make sense, learn from and evolve organically internally. The moments, the people, and the choices we make ALL take on a power to nudge us, stop us, influence us and thrust us forward.  Once we awaken to a conscious understanding of this orchestration, we are able to fully surrender into an enlightened view of our life.

We all crash into ideas, beliefs, disagreements, people, and objects from time to time.  The universe orchestrates this tension so that we enter into the discernment process willingly.  The willingness to take a view or perception other than the one we had been holding on to tightly is the magic of surrender.  Understanding tension as an energetic influence can aide us in letting go while holding on.

This notion of letting go and holding on seems a bit strange as it seems like it is opposing forces.  It is the sweet spot of the edge of both that fuels the advancement of your whole self.

Ask yourself this question and watch how your outer landscape (that which is happening in front of you in your physical reality) begins to shift, adapt, change:

What is trying to come through me?

In this moment of sending out an energetic frequency that derives from a curious state of mind, you will find yourself at the edge of holding on (whether it is a belief, an idea, or a relationship) and the expansion of knowing something needs to fall away (this is the letting go).  You have always been a body that desires to have full expression of its uniqueness, its own essence.

The question – what wants to come through me? – activates this higher state of acquisition. Your basic sensory system does well to bring you information to process and in this way you are able to determine safety or not.  Trauma can create irregular patterns in this sensory system.  Often those of us who live in constant state of trauma patterns disregard the basic sensory input and stay in a perpetual flight, fright, or freeze patterning. Our behavior and our choices are determined by past conditioning or traumatic events.

Surrendering helps us to bypass this patterning and learn to live through a feeling state on the edge.  In this way, we are allowing our higher navigation system to consciously create.

Dr. Joe Dispenza says, “95 % of who we are by the time we are 35 years old, is a memorized set of behaviors, emotional reactions, unconscious habits, hardwired attitudes, beliefs and perceptions that function like a computer program.”

This memorized set of patterns lies dormant in our unconscious mind.  We act upon it by way of reactions set in motion when another person or an event ignites a fire storm within.

Carl Jung said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.”

You do have choice in how you desire to live.  You get to decide what you truly want.

Most of us are living by a memorized set of patterns from conditioning in our past and, therefore, everything we do appears to be from us when actually it is from our unconscious mind or those memorized set of patterns, beliefs, ideas, etc.

So, let’s get curious here and ask ourselves,

How do we STOP crashing into every moment?  

How do we STOP acting and behaving unconsciously? 

How do we STOP reacting to everything that happens? 

How do we STOP believing and perceiving more of the negative and toxic?

We begin to utilize our higher navigation system. It is a more advanced sensory system that moves beyond the physical sensations and concrete details in the outer landscape of our life.  It is in this advanced state where we join forces of an abundant consciousness or a higher power to confirm and synchronize that which we know.  You learn to utilize this beyond state of mind, body and spirit in conscious awareness.  You cultivate your inner authority – this natural instinct within that trusts in the synchronicities being presented.

Cultivating your intuition requires the alignment of 3 very vital aspects –

Body awareness

Emotional agency


Body awareness is the conscious knowing how your body is sensing events, experiences and people.  Emotional agency is feeling your life and expressing yourself through your feelings rather than avoiding the emotional world. Clarity is knowing your devotion and the willingness to be all in without attachment.

Intuition is a principal ingredient when living a conscious lifestyle.   Knowing how to receive feedback from your outer landscape and align that source of information with a deep interpretation of wisdom (which may not always make sense based on how we have been taught) is the foundation. Accessing this inner knowing is how we gain true freedom.  It is only when we live from our truth in this way that we can be abundant in peace, joy and freedom.

  • What if for this year we stand tall rooted in our own authenticity, we look openly at the wonderous world around, we feel devoutly for the vast riches emotions provide, and we accept exactly as is?
  • What if for this year we STOP crashing into our unconscious mind?
  • What if for this year we meet the moment?

For it is in meeting the moment that we have the infinite.

To infinity and beyond!

Happy New Year!