I’ve been described as a walking encyclopedia and a Red Bull for the soul.  
I am a writer, intuitive teacher and mystic.
Fierce in my compassion to learn, I open my heart to courageous choice-making and deeply understand the human dynamic.
I have had many life experiences that cultivated a stronger version of me.  Two in particular changed the trajectory of my entire life. 
The 1st was in 2005 when I heard those words, “Honey you have two babies in there.”  Yep, this was me carrying my twins to full term.  It was the day before Mother’s day and their birth into my life changed how I saw life itself and who I was as a mother. All four of my children have brought me to motherhood in a lighter and wiser way and helped me grow into who I am today. The twins shocked me into the present moment. I learned how to surrender to what is and lean into every aspect of what scared me from the security of not being able to pay the bills to the love of how will each of them get what they need from me. 

The 2nd experience occurred in 2020 when I made the soul-influenced choice to estrange from my family of origin.  That decision came calmly in a coffee shop as I quietly remembered who I was and knew I needed to decide I was worth it. It has been a long road of ups and downs and moments that cracked me wide open. Healing from my generational trauma and learning to choose myself was a blindspot.  An increase of self-awareness and years of tools learned have guided me to the strength and courage I cherish today in every moment.

“There are two basic motivating forces: Fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement and acceptance.”

I have been trained in mediumship, channeling, dream interpretation, Jungan death psychology, neuroscience of relationships, active imagination, meditation, energy healing and Eastern spirituality. As a mentor and teacher, I have a gift for leading others to a deeper honor of their own divine humanity.
I use intuition, energetics, mind-body practices, Jungian depth psychology, spiritual wisdom, and social neuroscience to help you live happier, self-aware and with higher purpose. For over 30 years, I have helped people reclaim their whole self and serve their higher purpose. 
My work is rooted in identifying the ancestral lineage in dreams and emotions so that you can welcome an inner community of archetypal wisdom and bring forth a quantum leadership for the work you do in this world. 

Saying YES to what mattered allowed me to align my intentions with loving choices (these are the kind that feel good in your gut), allowed me to see with my eyes a world of self – compassion, and allowed me to lean into less in order to feel more of what mattered. I love reading books, shopping, coffee shops and chatting it up with friends. I love meeting people and visiting new places. And I love learning.And I’d love for you to know…. You matter. You are worthy. Our life is a transformational journey of the presence of remembering.I wish for you the world! I hope for you to know, believe and see you in the world!

Love, Kristi

P.S. I’ve been featured on a podcast!

In this episode, you’ll hear me talk about my new book COMING HOME: A LOVE STORY. The book details the spiritual awakening that led to my own personal healing transformation, inspiring me to work as an Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Teacher.