Did you know learning is an individual process based on a shift in perspective?

The shift is a transformational frequency that takes place within your mind, body and soul.

Everyone like a good read…right? Especially one that has the energetic capability to “teach you something” whether that be a new outlook, a new understanding, or a new life! That something IS the shift.

Maybe you LOVE reading books and learning, yet you cannot commit to weekly book clubs.

I bet you would love a do-at-your-own-pace book study where you get all the good questions and the juicy conversations!

Independent Book Study (IBS) is for you!!

The Independent Book Study offers you:
  • easy link to purchase the book for study
  • a video series of highly conscious women discussing the chapters in detail while sharing their own stories
  • questions to guide your self-transformation
  • inspirational emails intended to mentor your study through the journey of reading the book
  • access to the Facebook group to share questions and celebrations as they pertain to the book

COST: $29

Each week you will receive an email that includes: 
  • the video of a conscious conversation for EACH chapter
  • chapter questions designed to guide you deep into your soul for that illustrious shift to happen naturally
  • support along the way from those of us who have witnessed our own transformations and are willing to cheer you in every way

Want to know how the books are chosen? 

A very intuitive process occurs. I trust the signs given to me by way of people, music, channeling guidance and my own life experiences. I trust the book is presented at the exact right time to be offered.

Independent Book Study began as an online book club call Conscious Conversations. Check it out here!

One day as we were toward the end of the online book club, someone on Facebook asked me if I was ever going to do the book club for the particular book we were reading again …BAM! The idea came to me for an independent book study with all the benefits of the initial experience.

You are more than welcome to join Conscious Conversation. Our next one starts on September 13th. Join now here!

Once the online book club ends, we transform the work into an independent book study so you can access the powerful learning, shifting and transformation that happens when women come together as on