You just have to TRUST me.

She was sick…really sick.  The only way to relieve her body and provide the peace it needed to repair, restore, and begin to heal would be to put her in a coma state. So, the decision was made to do so.  It was agreed by all that this action…this choice…this decisive moment would be the next right move AND would provide her with all she needed to heal.

Was healing given to her?

Something happened during that free period. Her physical body did not recover.  She did not come back to us.

This question has floated a curiosity among my head and heart for quite some time.


The other day I read about a young man who had such severe pain from cancer eating away his physical body. The family decided that a brief period of freedom from pain would be the best option. So they admitted him to hospice where he could gift his body the peace from pain.  A few weeks later he had exited this earthly existence.

Now, these 2 stories have me wondering about heaven on earth.

What is healing?

Is it a freedom of pain or is it a freedom from suffering?

Pain in our earthy life is inevitable.  Hurt happens when actions cause a distress to our physical body and that can happen in such a variety of ways.  If we feel that pain and allow it to run its course through the chambers of our physical-ness, it will move beyond our bodies.

Suffering is always a choice.  I’m thinking it is many times a sub-conscious one because the hurt is so un-thinkable, un-explainable, and un-imaginable that we unconsciously decide to ignore, distract, and hide it away within our physical bodies in order to exist.


The other day, I saw the movie “A Star is Born”!!!!  There is a scene between Jack, the rock star, and Ally, a young woman with a beautiful voice and a fear of it all.  In it, Jack looks at Ally and says, “You just have to trust me.”

In that moment, Jack became her teacher, her guidance, her trusted authority on why the world needs her message and how to authentically reach them to hear it.

We have this moment available to us.  God (the Universe, Source, etc.) is always holding our face and saying,


Trust involves a linked in choice to believe, perceive, and know freedom from fear that all is as it should be, that suffering is a choice, that the ebb and flow of life may produce moments of pain, and that, no matter what else, we are cared for, held and taken into lovingness. Trust is being led to see, and feel, and get beyond what the human world is showing.  Trust is showing up…up in a higher place so that you can look down upon the world played out for you and a willingness to be enveloped with an expanded awareness of more.

Every day we are given trust-lettes – present moments of wicked peace, joy and love. Do you see them? Do you feel them? Do you experience them?

For the young man and the young woman, they were given those exact moments when the freedom to be relieved of such suffering allowed them to feel and experience peace, joy and love. It is the ultimate trust in that something bigger that only God and the Universe can offer us. It is beyond our wildest dreams here on earth.  Trust is heaven on earth.

Now if you are like me…which I’m convinced we are more alike than we ever want to let on…I don’t always feel God or the Universe taking my face in lovingness and saying to me, “You just have to trust me.” And yet other times I am literally warmed by such a message.

I’m not going to tell you what to do every day or how to love your everyday life because that would rob you of your free will and I whole heartedly believe in that aspect of our human freedom.  Instead, I’m going to wrestle with the tangling web of why we don’t trust in the power bigger than us.


That curious notion gets the best of us.  It strips us down to such a vulnerable nakedness. It is a nothing on, nothing surrounding us, nothing hiding us, and nothing keeping us. And, well, the truth is that our humanness, the ego, the self won’t allow us to do so.  It keeps us locked in the revolving doorway of, “No way!  That is not good for you! That will hurt you! That might harm you! That is scary! You can’t handle that!” and soooo much more toxic little thought patterns.

Pull that web of toxicity apart some more, and we find the culprit is an infatuation with the relentless nature of the ego in that it never lets up. Our brain does not differentiate between negative and positive, therefore the relentless nature of the constant absorption of the egoic tendencies feels somewhat good.  We know nothing else because often that is the human experience.

That’s it!! The big and the small of it. We do not trust because we know nothing else in our human experience.

Sooooooooo…..the web of destruction can only continue if in these moments of pain we often pause for a present moment showing up. The showing up is an AHA – a holy awakening.

AHA – a holy awakening!

It is a choice to choose life beyond the human experience and beyond what you physically see and hear. It is a choice to choose trust above all else because you know that NO – THING else will ever work as well. It is an AHA – a holy awakening.

Pain and painful experiences will always be an aspect of our human experience. Suffering is always a choice. Trust is the vehicle for showing up in pain and letting the universe (or God) gift you heaven on earth.

Every day, we are given trust-lettes – present moments of wicked peace, joy and love. Every day is a new one to awaken. Every moment is a new present to open us and awaken to the truth.

Do you feel your heaven on earth? Do you recognize your AHA moments? Do you capture your trust-lettes – those little chunks of blessed bliss when everything is perfect, peaceful and pure joy?

Trust what you are feeling!  Trust your heavenly expressions of peace, joy and love! Trust that healing can lead you to freedom and an AHA – a holy awakening!

Trust you!!!



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