What people are saying about Kristi Peck

“Coaching with Kristi is like having a team of coaches. She doesn’t use just one modality and process; she incorporates discussion, homework, visualizations, shadow work, and her own amazing intuition. Kristi offers a safe and accepting space to clear blocks and find peace to take the right actions. She has brilliance in her mind, in her heart, and her soul and knows how to help others find theirs! I highly recommend Kristi as a coach for personal, professional, and relationship coaching!”

MARY LYNN, Georgia
“What a wonderful experience! Kristi is professional, kind-hearted and fierce when it comes to healing. She uses her many abilities to connect and help you align with your most authentic self. She somehow manages to create an open shared space that makes you feel safe, while simultaneously encouraging you to push the boundaries of your own limitations. This allows for you to get straight down to “the good stuff” and use your time together in the most effective way possible. If you are ready for a coach to help you achieve real change in your life… look no further!  Kristi was able to see through all my confused words, connect with my true feelings and confidently navigate towards my truest self. I have so much gratitude for our work together – I can’t thank you enough!”
JULIA, Canada
“Kristi holds a really powerful space when coaching and transmits an energy and level of understanding that touches you to the core. With only a few sessions with her, I discovered things about myself that I’d been holding onto for years without knowing. Letting go of these things is helping me build my future self and life the way I want and not based on my past experiences or expectations. Coaching with Kristi will definitely get you on the right track to the future you that you want to be. Thanks Kristi.”
“Kristi is able to create an atmosphere of trust by opening herself up and sharing who she is.  Her love and compassion puts everyone at ease.  Students are eager to come back each week.  The love Kristi puts into her work makes her one of the best workshop leaders I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with.”
CAROL, Texas
“Working with Kristi was such a joy.

I was at a point in my life, when I felt I was frozen. I really wanted to move forward on my life path, but something was definitely standing between me and my goals.  I just had no idea of what IT was, how It got there, or how I was going to move past IT.

Kristi was able to help me identify IT. IT was a deeply seeded fear I had carried with me since my birth. Amazingly, she not only helped me to see how this fear had become embedded in my life, but how I could deal with it and dissolve IT.

My life is now filled with so much joy, laughter and love that it is hard to believe I am the same person.

Thank you Kristi!!! If I ever find myself lost and confused again, I will be calling on you for your help and intuitive guidance.

Forever Grateful,”

JACKIE, Missouri
“Kristi is an engaging storyteller and teacher.”
DOLLY, Missouri