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An Online Conscious Community of Partnership

Are you a parent or guardian looking for some guidance and support in these unknown and uncharted times?

I know we are doing the best we can.
And yet, are we?
Maya Angelou said, “When you know better, you do better.”

Her words have really stuck with my heart lately. As parents, we are finding our role changing. In the spring, we were forced into being teachers, guidance counselors, and principals as schools closed. Now as we find our way into a new school year, we are even more needed to shift how we see the role of parenting. It is not what it used to be.

We have to guide our children into uncharted and unknown experiences that we ourselves have no understanding. We have to help our children know who they are so they can make informed decisions and choices as we move quickly and rapidly in new directions.


I’ve got you! I am here for you!

Meridian is a conscious community of partnership.

We, as parents, MUST become partners. R you ready?

The only difference between the role of parent and role of partner is R you ready…to say YES…to a new way.

A more conscious and intentional way.

A healthier way.

A way that is filled with fierce peace, radical joy, fulfilling freedom and an unleashed fun like never before.

R you ready?

I believe you are. We were made for this moment. Let me show you how.


$1111per month

Meridian Membership

This monthly membership includes:

  • Weekly emails, filled with stories and insight from my over 30 years in the experience and wisdom of raising kids, teaching kids and working with the adults who are their heroes, that include valuable and helpful tools for your partnership. Each email will offer three areas of support:

      • In Conversation – how to get them talking and keep talking – THIS is where we have the most influence in communion with them and the communication with them. I will teach you to find those special times and give you strategies for getting them talking, and to keep the talking going.
      • Partnership Principles – less about the rules and more about the standards and values to live by – THIS is who we are. I will teach you how to stand in your truth and commission what is best for all of you.
      • Moment Makers – the teachable moments are in the fun times where the bond is strong and the love is immense. The magic happens in the fun. Let me show you how.
  • Access to a private Facebook community so you can feel safe in a community that honors and respects our personal journey.
  • Monthly community meeting with me so we can nurture and support our evolution of partnership.

      • Meetings will be on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.
      • You will receive a monthly Zoom link prior to each call.
      • A recording will be sent to you in case you cannot make the call.

The price for membership is $11.11 per Month.