Living the Liminal: Episode 73 – Andrea Kasprzak – Dreams – how do we interpret them, can we control them and how to look at them through multiple lenses

Andrea Kasprzak is a writer and intuitive. Both her fiction and non fiction are inspired by fairy tales, nature, and a feeling of being connected to something bigger than ourselves. She is the author of the daydream playbook Imagination Transforms Everything (Seal Press/Hachette Book Group) and the invitational journal Experiments in Dreaming (Chronicle Books, 2022).

Andrea writes books and talks to people about matters of the heart. Sometimes you’ll imagine together, and sometimes she mostly listens and remind them of their own magic. This is what how our interview went. It is very playful and encourages others to discover more about their dreams.

In this episode with Andrea Kasprzak, we have a a light-hearted and playful conversation all about dreams. From the hot topic of sex dreams to lucid dreams to what exactly are “nightmares,” this session will definitely spark your interest to dive deeper into what your subconscious is trying to tell you every night!


  • Dreams as a gateway to our internal intuition
  • Interpreting dreams through different lenses
  • Discovering a layer of yourself that you can’t see in waking life
  • How dreams influence your outer life
  • Difference between dreams and “nightmares”
  • How scents, music and watching certain tv can set you up for different types of dreams
  • Do HPS (Highly Sensitive People) dream more than others?
  • Lucid Dreams – what are they and how do they happen?
  • Sex Dreams and what we can take away from them

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