Living the Liminal: Episode 72 – The concept of relationships: what’s our purpose?

Kristi Peck helps individuals develop agency of the true self in all relationships, through every life transition, and by partnering with their dreams. As an intuitive Jungian life coach who specializes in relationships and dreamwork, Kristi believes we are whole, worthy of divine bliss, freedom, and peace, and have unique value to share with others. 

For over 30 years, she has helped people remember who they are beyond old conditions and outdated influences.  Kristi loves sharing stories that captivate and inspire people to take adventurous leaps of faith within a framework of understanding who they are. Her own vulnerability offers audiences a safe haven to be seen and heard while courageously choosing new ways of living life and showing up in all relationships. Kristi lives by example that the most impressive gift we can offer to another in any relationship is the agency of our true self.

Kristi is the author of Coming Home – A Love Story, and a podcast host of Living the Liminal:  Finding Joy in the Pauses of Life. She has a wealth of transformational life experiences and her warmth and vulnerability have been described as a “soft-toughness”.  Kristi is fierce in her compassion to learn, opens her heart to courageous choice-making, and deeply understands the human dynamic. Her passion for living life consciously is a game-changer.


  • How we acquire knowledge
  • The concept of relationships and how we define it humanly
  • Why two people are brought together in a relationship
  • Iki Gai – a reason for being
  • Being outside your comfort zone
  • Are you awake? How are you showing up for your life?




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