Living the Liminal: Episode 64 – Kristian Reiber

As an oracle, Kristian can help you ask yourself the questions you aren’t asking, letting you see your challenges in a different viewpoint.
Kristian’s journey to becoming a transformational health and mindset coach started with his own transformation.  After being diagnosed with psoriasis over two decades ago, Kristian was convinced he was stuck with this ailment forever, since the many dermatologists he saw over the years always had the same message.  They told him that the only way to manage psoriasis, a common autoimmune disorder, was through the use of man-made pharmaceuticals.  After being prescribed an immune suppressing medication, he knew he had to take things in his own hands, walk away from the symptom-based medical system, and find a way to heal naturally.

Wanting to provide a more comprehensive and holistic approach, he became certified as a health and mindset coach, specializing in mindset shifts that create profound, life-changing transformations for his clients. Many of his clients never imagined the outcomes they’re now achieving as they no longer feel stuck.
Kristian encourages people to understand the connection between their physical health and their mindsets or beliefs. Improving physical health requires mindset changes to keep the improvement from being temporary.


Listening to our bodies to be authentic in our own health – mind, body and soul.Looking at an unconventional perspective of your own health to find out what’s holding you back.Why are we so afraid of emotional agency.

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