Living the Liminal: Episode 26 – Stephanie Jameson

Stephanie Jameson is an intuitive empath, psychic medium, certified reiki master and author of The Happy Empath’s Workbook and The Happy Empath’s Little Book of Affirmations.

She works with individuals all over the world who find themselves being moved through their own awakening/ascension journey, some who are discovering that they themselves are also very gifted.

Stephanie understands that the separation from others and from spirit is just an illusion. She also understands the struggles that come along with being an energetically sensitive person. A lesson that many healers need to learn, she knows that she was moved through these experiences first hand so she could ultimately help others recognize their own gifts, empower & trust in themselves.

Through intuitive healing/empowerment sessions, Stephanie is committed to helping adults connect with spirit as well as offer guidance that can help heal inner child wounding, karmic patterns & conditioned beliefs that keep them from living in alignment with the abundance they are truly worthy of.

Nothing brings Stephanie more joy than to help others find peace, clarity and healing. Stephanie enjoys reminding everyone who she comes in contact with how beautiful & strong they truly are.

Stephanie is a creative at heart. She enjoys singing, writing, jewelry making, photography, daily meditation and busting out with a silly dance move whenever she gets the chance.

Stephanie is a natural communicator and enjoys working with and meeting new people. She practices compassion and tries her very best to make her clients feel comfortable in her presence. You will find no criticism or judgment, just an open heart.


  • Spiritual awakenings as an initiation period.
  • Love can liberate us and the importance of choosing love over fear.
  • Trusting who we are even in our most challenging moments.


  • What is meant by reprogram and reparenting?
  • How can we move from the logical mindset to a trusting sense?
  • How can we challenge our own conditioned patterns of behavior and beliefs?
  • How can we balance our whole self in order to love more?


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