Just for tonight

This past weekend, it snowed a ton. I decided a good dose of self-care binge watching was needed. So, I flipped around the stations and networks until I found the one. The one that caught my attention was…The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

I watched 2 seasons. That is 20 episodes.  I know!  Some binge watching!!!!

“Just for tonight…I need to be with someone who loves me.”

That’s it!!!

 “Love unlocks doors and opens windows that weren’t even there before.” -Mignon McLaughlin

A complete life mantra. A way of life. The very essence of a conscious life.

“Just for tonight, I need to be with someone who loves me.”

How many times do we stand still enough to think that one thought and to even feel that one thought? How many times do we consciously make the choice to BE with someone who loves us?

I am not talking about being with your peers, your neighbors, your friends, your family or your kids. I am REALLY speaking to Being with who YOU are! That “someone who loves me” has got to begin and end with you before any other relationship will ever be healthy, sustainable, and forever.

So, what does it mean to ‘be the one who loves me’?


This reminds me of moments years ago when I was busy with the family, busy raising the kids and all their activities, busy working my job, busy doing my many parts in the community, and busy…busy…busy…doing whatever was asked of me.

I can remember one such moment…

Here I am in this picture.

I was sitting at a local restaurant with family. We were celebrating the holiday with those who had come in town. I had raced from church to join them. I was exhausted because I had been up all the night before cleaning and cooking to get ready for a birthday dinner at our home the same night I was having the family moment. I had also been up the days before grading papers because the assignment I gave to my University students had been due and grades for the semester were due in days. It was also Christmas season so I was buying and wrapping presents nightly. I was also sick with a fever and the aches.

Yet, in the picture and in front of the others…I smiled and hid the “real” me. The one who was exhausted and sick and tired and overwhelmed and anxious as to how everything was going to get done.  Instead, I laughed and smiled and smiled and smiled.

How did I make it through?

Here’s the truth – I popped the Tylenol and any other medicine I could find in the cabinet. I popped Vitamin C. I loaded myself up on caffeine. I ate on the run as I ran to every activity and business moment.

In THAT moment, I was not “with someone who loves me.”

How do I know?

Because, my friend, someone who loves me would not have asked THAT kind of busy-ness from me; someone who loves me would not have put up with the outrageous-ness of such escapades; and someone who loves me WOULD have totally demanded  I take better care of me.  Being with someone who loves me would have listened to what was being said…by the body, by the life experiences, and by the outer world.


Fast forward a decade later. “I am still learning”. (Thank you Michelangelo for your inspiration!)

Love is funny like that!  It can completely blindside you into thinking what you are doing and who are being is what is needed. It can lure into believing what the outside world says about your time.

There are many confusing messages out in our human world, like…

·      Don’t waste your time. (You have heard that one, right?)

·      You better hurry up before someone else gets it.

·      Time is running out.

·      Nothing lasts, so enjoy it while it lasts.

·      You can’t get this time back.

There are probably more joy inhibitors out there. These stick out because they ALL enforce an illusion that is simply not true. It is a false sense of security to think that time matters that much.

What does matter?

 How much YOU love YOU and every part of YOUR life!!!

 What does matter?

 How present you are in the smallest of the smallest and the biggest of the biggest moments in YOUR life!!!

 What does matter?

Being with someone who loves YOU!!!

So…how do we do it?

Here’s the secret – GET CURIOUS.

Yep, that’s it!!!  Ask questions of your self all day, every day, and in every moment.

We can set intentions and goals all the time. And, if we do not check in with those intentions, they are no good to us in building a conscious lifestyle.


Ask yourself:

*  Why am I doing this?

*  Is this bringing me closer to my intention or desire?

*  Who am I pleasing in this moment?

*  Who is benefiting from my time in this moment?

Get curious about WHY you do what you do! Get curious about WHO you do it for! Get curious about HOW your time is being used! Get curious about intentionally aligning your life to what is good for YOU and only YOU and always for YOU!

Now, please do not mistake me saying YOU in these directives. I am NOT speaking about the YOU in your ego. I am speaking to the YOU in your soul…the higher YOU that lives within your heart, your gut, and your body. That one knows what is good for YOU and that one is the someone who loves YOU!!

BE with that one! Just for tonight, BE with that one who loves YOU!!! 



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