Evolving beyond the turning point

Many years ago I was asked to go to a haunted house with some friends around Halloween. I was a bit reluctant because something within me wasn’t feeling the whole experience. I went anyway.  Back, at that time,  I was a people-pleaser…way more concerned with how others saw me or what they would think of me.

As we were invited into the dark, my body went on high alert.  I was literally like a bobblehead, frantically looking everywhere for the next move, which way to go, and trying to avoid being scared.

I trained my eyes to see beyond what was in front of me.

I was looking for slight movements behind the physical features so I could immolate the thinking about where those working “behind the scenes” might go next.

I wanted to know the turning points in advance.

I had thought in my mind that if I knew of them before they occurred that I could prepare my body. Fear begins in the body.  It travels with lightning speed to the mind to immediately make sense of an experience, the language used by another, a person, etc.

Many of us are conditioned to this kind of experience…the knowing before what it will feel like or what will happen so we can prepare.  Fear is a conditioned response.  Our bodies were made to be warriors that is why we have the flight or fight mechanism.  It governs your body’s natural and organic framework for responding to outer stimuli.

That is why turning points are so critical to our personal evolution.  Most turning points are not made in preparation.  They are made in response to outer conditions or external environment choices.

Years ago I was in Sedona, Arizona on a work retreat.  On a hike, which was beautiful, I came across this tree.  It struck me as so interesting.  The trunk was so twisted up AND it still kept growing.

It made me think…

Can we still keep growing and evolving within the twists and turns of our life?

Our brains are created to be mechanical.  They are sense-makers.  So to rely on only this perception of any situation or experience would be limiting.  The role of our mind is to interpret through the use of our senses – eyes, ears, hands, mouth and nose – the physical environment in front of us.  There are limits to this perceptional tenancy.

Our consciousness does not only rely on this form of understanding.  It relies on a non-physical reality that exists in the form of energy and vibrational resources. Most of our conditioning as a youngster and even into our adulthood does not cover such practices.

Hundreds line up for their haunted house experience knowing the actions and intricate maneuverings are NOT real.  How do they know this?  Because something within their heart and soul has proven to them that what their senses take in as real is in fact not real.

They trust in that non-physical dimension of truth and honesty.

One way of thinking about this is a discernment process of asking and reflecting on these questions –

What do you see?       VS.      What do you feel?

These are very distinctly different causations within the body.

Think of the little kid who goes out to ride her bike.  She falls and skins her knee.  She cries to her parent.  The parent takes a look and says, “I don’t see any blood.  You’re fine.”

The little girl was feeling bummed out and frustrated because she kept falling.  She couldn’t figure it out.  This young one begins to diminish her feelings as being not good to honor and, instead grows to rely only on the physical evidence in front of her.

This is our conditioning. 

There is an operating system within the body that stores such feelings and their interpretations.  When the interpretation is untrue, because it was not processed accurately, there is a continual pattern that develops from that false interpretation.  The false interpretation becomes our belief system.  That system is managed with more and more interpretations that seem to support it.

Thus, we come to trust only that which we can see, hear, touch, smell, and taste in the physical world.  We dismiss how we feel and, more importantly, how our bodies feel in the presence of experiences and people.

It is not uncommon for a tree to twist and continue to grow.  The spiral nature of such growth is often caused by an outside force usually on the outside bark of the trunk.  This outside force could be blunt wind, a brutal stabbing from lightning, or the natural spiral from evolutionary growth.

Our turning points are much the same way.

Sometimes we get twisted up from a blunt force experience that literally knots us up, maybe an unexpected illness, or unfair treatment from another close person, an accident, or a loss of someone or something.  Many of us do continue to grow and evolve beyond the precipitous occurrence. The unexpected-ness of such can break us open and force our truth to come foaming out from within.

Mark Nepo – a spiritual writer, poet, and philosopher – tells us that

“Every crack is an opening.  No matter how harsh the experience, something is always opened within us; and what is opened is always more important than what breaks us.”

Turning points that are sudden and unexpected can lead us to our most fulfilled way of living and the truth of who we are. This new way IS how we move beyond the physical reality and gain a higher perspective that includes the non-physical dimensions.  The sudden nature of what breaks us also opens our soul to experience what it already knows…that there is more to what we see.

Turning points can be pivots to trust more in our own heart and soul AND less in the outer reality that is governed by other people.

There are other times we get twisted from the natural occurrences that come about from living a fully human life. Everything is energy.  This energy vibrates as a frequency.  Each person, object, and experience will carry its own frequency.

Have you ever been in a room and felt a weird sensation in your body? 

That is your body telling you that the frequency within that room does NOT match your frequency.

Have you ever been with someone and you tend to notice your body feels energized?

That is your body signaling to you that the frequency between the two of you is a match.

Becoming an observer of such feelings in your body is a turning point and leads us to a more awakened way of living.  It causes us to be an observer in every aspect.

Processing feelings and emotions as they occur is important for the turning point to evolve us.  Processed and unprocessed feelings are stored in the subconscious (that non-physical aspect of our humanness).  The sub-conscious is the hallmark of our operating system.

If a feeling is under processed meaning it was not fulling understood and managed in a healthy way, it will be stored as a false perception.  When we begin to inner-lock these false perceptions together in our sub-conscious they become the foundation for how we function.  This is often why a turning point opens us up to the truth of who we are and not the illusion of those false perceptions.

2020 has certainly brought us many turning points.  Some were unexpected and some were years in the making, and a bit more organic.  Even as we move forward there seems to be more turning points.

Just as the tree naturally grows beyond the turning point within its foundation, we can too!

When my twins were born, my husband and I were a bit challenged with figuring out how to make it work for us as parents of four children under six years old. We kept trying and failing at the very same mechanics that worked for us when we had our first two children.  One day we visited our pediatrician for the twins’ appointment.  We were telling her our sad and funny stories of “just not knowing what to do and how to do this twin thing.”

She responded,

“Forget everything you did before with the older ones and pretend these two children are your first ones. Do it differently.”

This was a turning point for us as parents because it caused us to pivot.  It actually was the permission we need to pivot.

Turning points are your permission to pivot when needed.

Pivot and do it differently means YOU get to design and create what you want it to look like.

Turning points are meant to open you up.  They are reflective experiences so YOU decide and desire and express and create the life YOU want to live.

Here’s where I leave you…

What do you want?

Start here.  This is your permission to pivot.  Do it differently.  Let the turning point evolve you to greater heights.

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