EPIC moments are earthly miracles

THIS was EPIC!! Just EPIC!!

That’s what son said as we left the

concert. As a mom, I have to admit, I smiled and happiness filled my heart.


A Course in Miracles tells us “our purpose is to be HAPPY”

It also tells us-

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

Son is my teacher! He has little fear and when he does he leans in. He is

grounded in a way that’s often way too wise. He embraces failure and mistakes. He teaches me to trust in a power bigger than myself and he has taught me to love with my whole heart.


He challenges me. He makes me confront my weaknesses. He shows me how to face my fears. He cheers me to step out of my comfort zone.


for him…..AND…..for me!!!

I went to a Drake and Future concert! If you don’t know…..they are rappers. This is NOT my music. There are so many reasons I don’t like the music – language, presentation of the message, etc, etc.

Son is my teacher! He said to me, “Don’t judge the message by some bad words. If you listen past the words you don’t like, it’s pretty good stuff. Sometimes it’s out there, but that’s just to get attention so we listen to the other stuff.”

Son is my teacher. He challenges me to look beyond first impressions. He requires I listen and try. I am learning from my teacher to be willing to gain a new perspective and to love differently.

As I walked into the concert, I was nervous, anxious of my perceived ideals about rap music, rap concerts, and bad language. I was wrong on every level!

Those folks in attendance were happy and filled with joy. How do I know? I felt joy energy from the smiles, the laughter, and the singing.

I listened past the offensive language. It wasn’t too awful. Cuss words are just words. We, as a society, have gotten accustomed to allowing them to block what’s on the other side…..maybe due to fear of the unknown or fear of the message. Last night, I listened beyond!

The rapper won my heart at the beginning and at the end! His message was loud and clear AND the sold out stadium listened….

“I want you to have fun! I want you to be happy! I want you to love” was his welcome to us.

And at the end, it was,” Protect yourself! Protect the people around you! Be happy! Be kind! Be love! And I will see you again!”

The Drake and Future concert was epic for me too!! I pushed thru a discomfort and found an okay place to hang out WITH MY SON!! I let go of my rules about offensive words and just embraced what was and found it not too bad. I showed Son to live from love rather than fear.

Because he was happy…so was I!!

Forever changed! I might even go download a Drake song or two!!


At the heart of it, challenging our comfort zones, our prejudices, our perspectives, and our rules CAN and WILL push us toward our most authentic power of being.

I Dare You – do something outside of your comfort zone! confront a fear!

listen beyond the words! And….be a student so YOUR teacher appears!!

Trust me…..your heart will




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