Are you AWAKE?

“Why are you paying attention to THAT?”  I asked him.

“I don’t know.” He replied.

I asked again, “Why are YOU playing attention to THAT?”

This was the conversation banter the other morning in the car on the way to school.  Of course, my kiddos thought it was extremely funny and silly that I kept asking the same question.  After the long and windy road on the talking trail, we finally got to the point of my asking.

And, as always… got me thinking…..

What are we paying attention to in our day-to-day reality?  More importantly…..Why are you choosing to pay attention to that information…those people…that situation?

As we look onward at other people, at experiences and at opportunities, we tend to SEE using a lens filtered by our own flaws, weaknesses, failures and mistakes.  We notice ALL the good about everyone and everything else and ALL the wrongs with us.

I was recently washing my hands in a sink at a restaurant.  It had one of those sensors that managed the water flow as I put my hands in a certain spot.  It was so interesting that as I moved my hands even the slightest bit….the water stopped flowing.  I really had to focus my attention to keep the water flowing and get the job done.

Paying attention to what matters is challenging AND it is vital to success and to living well.

Seeing every dimension of an experience, of a situation, of a person, of a conflict is critical to understanding.   Understanding how THAT moment influences a much bigger and larger span of existence is vital for growth and development. We must live in the moment.  Power comes to us ONLY in the moment we are aware of what matters.  Your greatest power, like gas that fuels a car engine to run efficiently, is when YOU, in any given moment, are fully aware of who you are, what you are feeling, what you clearly want, and how you might get where you are going.

Son is playing baseball for his high school team.  He worked hard to prep himself to make the team.  AND his hard work paid off….HE MADE THE TEAM!!!  About 1/4th into the season he got pretty banged up.  He had a few innings of a game where he was hit (figuratively) with pitching he had never encountered.  Was he capable of smashing that ball clear to the outfield?  YES!  Did he have the skill set to effectively and efficiently swing that bat to maximum potential?  YES!!

So….I bet your asking…what was his challenge – critical awareness of his mindset when challenges arose.

He had always been a kid who cautiously approached challenges.  He fretted more and for LONG periods of time before he took action.  When he was little and went to birthday parties, he spent over half of the party in the corner analyzing every move from those in attendance.  He had to have utmost comfort with who was there, how everyone acted, and what was happening BEFORE he took part.  He had to have his mind in the right frame before he could take the next step.  Don’t get me wrong…. having a focused mind is critical for achievement of goals and personal outcomes.

When the pitching struck him out a few times, so did his belief system.  His beliefs instantly began to support WHAT was happening versus WHO he was.

Critical consciousness is being able to separate WHO you are from WHAT is happening in your life.  Critical consciousness is a keen awareness to every detail and knowing IN YOUR HEART those details DO NOT tell WHO you are……..they just tell WHAT happened.  Critical consciousness is an all-knowing that YOU are powerful in understanding and powerful in doing.

Awaken your consciousness! Awaken your power! Awaken your doing!

The ONLY way to awaken that consciousness…..


Have you ever put someone else’s glasses on and tried to focus?  You can’t!  Each pair of glasses are made specially for that individual.  YOU have been made special for who you are… that individual!  Look at EVERY experience and EVERY opportunity from who you are – your eyes, your ears, your heart.

At the heart of it, there is power in your ability to see….to make your SELF focus on what matters….to be aware of experiences, people, opportunities and situations KNOWING they are not of you, only outside of you.

“Nothing comes from without; all things come from within-from the subconscious.”  -Neville Goddard

I DARE YOU – Awaken your conscious to who YOU are and watch your world evolve into the new….

Here’s a practice for the heart –

*In the morning, wake up and speak “I AM……….”

*Each moment within the day, as you look and see your world, speak “I AM……….”

*In the evening as you end your day, speak “I AM………”

Think about it: 

What keeps you focused on who matters (that being YOU) and what matters (those critical actions)?  Head on over to the blog….I’d love to hear from you!



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